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  • Asian Ethnology 76 (2)   +

    Performing Chineseness

    Time in Flux

    Editors' Note

    Betwixt Hindus And Muslims

    A Narrative of Saṭvāī Affliction in Rural Maharashtra

    Izumo Kagura, Iwami Kagura, and National Intersections

    Guo Degang

    Living on the Sino-Indian Border

    Raymond Silverman, ed., Museum as Process: Translating Local and Global Knowledges

    Victoria Lindsay Levine and Philip V. Bohlman, eds., This Thing Called Music: Essays in Honor of Bruno Nettl

    Shokdung, The Division of Heaven and Earth: On Tibet’s Peaceful Revolution. Trans. Matthew Akester

    Jonathan Arnold, Sacred Music in Secular Society

    Peter van der Veer, The Value of Comparison

    Viv Golding and Wayne Modest, eds., Museums and Communities: Curators, Collections and Collaboration

    S. Brent Plate, ed., Key Terms in Material Religion

    Michael Bull and Jon Mitchell, eds., Ritual, Performance and the Senses

    Kirin Narayan, Everyday Creativity: Singing Goddesses in the Himalayan Foothills

    Michael Youngblood, Cultivating Community: Interest, Identity, and Ambiguity in an Indian Social Mobilization

    Steven J. Rosen and Kaisori Bellach, Avatar Art: Neo-Vedic Paintings Celebrating Life

    Aditya Malik, Tales of Justice and Rituals of Divine Embodiment: Oral Narratives from the Central Himalayas

    Brian Black and Laurie Patton, eds., Dialogue in Early South Asian Religions: Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain Traditions

    Asko Parpola, The Roots of Hinduism: The Early Aryans and the Indus Civilization

    V. Ravi Vaithees, Religion, Caste, and Nation in South India: Maraimalai Adigal, the Neo-Saivite Movement, and Tamil Nationalism 1876-1950

    Erika Friedl, Folktales and Storytellers of Iran: Culture, Ethos and Identity

    David Odo, The Journey of “A Good Type”: From Artistry to Ethnography in Early Japanese Photographs

    Holly High, Fields of Desire: Poverty and Policy in Laos

    Anshu Malhotra and Siobhan Lambert-Hurley, eds., Speaking of the Self: Gender, Performance, and Autobiography in South Asia

    Ajaya Kumar Sahoo and Gabriel Sheffer, eds., Diaspora and Identity: Perspectives on South Asian Diaspora

    Anastasia Piliavsky, ed., Patronage as Politics in South Asia

    Huib Schippers and Catherine Grant, Sustainable Futures for Music Cultures: An Ecological Perspective

  • Asian Ethnology 76 (1)   +

    Culture Paves the Way, Economics Comes to Sing the Opera

    The Sinophone Roots of Javanese Nini Towong

    Editor's Introduction

    Recreating "Traditional" Folk Epics in Contemporary China

    Research, Cultural Heritage, and Ethnic Identity

    “Negotiation” Between a Religious Art Form and the Secular State

    Jeff Roy, Director. Mohammed to Maya

    Susan Østigaard and Beathe Hofseth, Directors. Light Fly, Fly High

    Tim Graf and Jakob Montrasio, Editors and Directors. Buddhism after the Tsunami: The Souls of Zen 3/11 Japan Special

    Raminder Kaur and Parul Dave-Mukherji, Editors. Arts and Aesthetics in a Globalizing World

    Faye Yuan Kleeman. In Transit: The Formation of the Colonial East Asian Cultural Sphere

    Regina F. Bendix, Aditya Eggert, and Arnika Peselmann, Editors. Heritage Regimes and the State

    Tiantian Zheng, Editor. Cultural Politics of Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Asia

    Elliot Oring. Just Folklore: Analysis, Interpretation, Critique

    Mrinalini Chakravorty. In Stereotype: South Asia in the Global Literary Imaginary

    Kama Maclean. A Revolutionary History of Interwar India: Violence, Image, Voice and Text

    Frank Heidemann and Philipp Zehmisch, editors. Manifestations of History: Time, Space, and Community in the Andaman Islands

    Lakshmi Srinivas. House Full: Indian Cinema and the Active Audience

    Andrew Duff. Sikkim: Requiem for a Himalayan Kingdom

    Townsend Middleton. The Demands of Recognition: State Anthropology and Ethnopolitics in Darjeeling

    Prabhavati C. Reddy. Hindu Pilgrimage: Shifting Patterns of Worldview of Shri Shailam in South India

    Carola Erika Lorea. Folklore, Religion and the Songs of a Bengali Madman: A Journey between Performance and the Politics of Cultural Representation

    Jennifer A. Fraser. Gongs & Pop Songs: Sounding Minangkabau in Indonesia

    Henry Spiller. Javaphilia: American Love Affairs with Javanese Music and Dance

    R. Keller Kimbrough, Trans. with an Introduction. Wondrous Brutal Fictions: Eight Buddhist Tales from the Early Japanese Puppet Theater

    Rebecca Suter. Holy Ghosts: The Christian Century in Modern Japanese Fiction

    Laurel Kendall, Jongsung Yang, and Yul Soo Yoon. God Pictures in Korean Contexts: The Ownership and Meaning of Shaman Paintings

    Karl E. Ryavec. A Historical Atlas of Tibet

    Ana Cristina O. Lopes. Tibetan Buddhism in Diaspora: Cultural Re-Signification in Practice and Institutions

  • Asian Ethnology 75 (2)   +

    Editors’ Note

    Darśan, Decoration, and Transnational Hindu Homes in the United States

    A Miscellany of Eccentricities

    Secularization and Cosmopolitan Gurus

    Shinto Ritual Practice in Miyagi Prefecture after the Great East Japan Earthquake

    Enchanting the Honeybees with Magical Love Songs

    Belief in the Evil Eye and Early Childcare in Rural Punjab, Pakistan

    Ethnic Foods as Unprepared Materials and as Cuisines in a Culture-based Development Project in Southwest China

    Cultural Adaptation, Tradition, and Identity of Diasporic Vietnamese People

    Kyoko Miyake, Surviving the Tsunami—My Atomic Aunt

    Kombai S. Anwar, Yaadhum: A Tamil Muslim’s Journey in Search of His Roots and Identity

    Deborah Gee, Slaying the Dragon; Elaine H. Kim, Slaying the Dragon: Reloaded

    Megumi Nishikura and Lara Perez Takagi, Hafu: The Mixed Race Experience in Japan

    Arnd Schneider and Caterina Pasqualino, eds., Experimental Film and Anthropology

    Atalia Omer, R. Scott Appleby, and David Little, eds., The Oxford Handbook of Religion, Conflict, and Peacebuilding

    Lila Abu Lughod, Do Muslim Women Need Saving?

    Chenghao An, Zu Qun She Hui Fa Zhan Yu Bian Qian: Chao Xian Zu She Hui Diao Cha Yan Jiu 族群社会发展与变迁—朝鲜族社会调查研究

    Sara Shneiderman, Rituals of Ethnicity: Thangmi Identities Between Nepal and India

    Alexander Henn, Hindu-Catholic Encounters in Goa: Religion, Colonialism, and Modernity

    Antje Missbach, Troubled Transit: Asylum Seekers Stuck in Indonesia

    Gaudenz Domenig, Religion and Architecture in Premodern Indonesia: Studies in Spatial Anthropology

    Michelle Bigenho, Intimate Distance: Andean Music in Japan

    Phyllis Birnbaum, Manchu Princess, Japanese Spy: The Story of Kawashima Yoshiko, the Cross-Dressing Spy Who Commanded Her Own Army

    Ofra Goldstein-Gidoni, Housewives of Japan: An Ethnography of Real Lives and Consumerized Domesticity

    John Lie, ed., Multiethnic Korea? Multiculturalism, Migration, and Peoplehood Diversity in Contemporary South Korea

    Alex McKay, Kailas Histories: Renunciate Traditions and the Construction of Himalayan Sacred Geography

  • Asian Ethnology 75 (1)   +

    Salvage and Salvation: Guest Editors’ Introduction

    Puripetal Force in the Charitable Field

    Buddhist Disaster Relief: Monks, Networks, and the Politics of Religion

    Sevā, Hindutva, and the Politics of Post-Earthquake Relief and Reconstruction in Rural Kutch

    Hard Lessons Learned: Tracking Changes in Media Presentations of Religion and Religious Aid Mobilization after the 1995 and 2011 Disasters in Japan

    Playful Relief: Folk Performing Arts in Japan after the 2011 Tsunami

    Mennonite Disaster Relief and the Interfaith Encounter in Aceh, Indonesia

    Religion and Reconstruction in the Wake of Disaster

    Documenting Religious Responses to 3.11 on Film

    Debbie Lum, Seeking Asian Female

    Vikram Gandhi, Kūmāré: The True Story of a False Prophet

    The Sophia Hilton Foundation of Canada, Animation, Artwork, and Storytelling, The Legend of Ponnivala

    Mark Singleton and Ellen Goldberg, eds., Gurus of Modern Yoga

    Fuyubi Nakamura, Morgan Perkins, and Olivier Krischer, eds., Asia through Art and Anthropology: Cultural Translation Across Borders

    Alex Norman and Carole M. Cusack, eds., Religion, Pilgrimage, and Tourism

    Robert M. Carmack, Anthropology and Global History: From Tribes to the Modern World-System

    Jonathan H. X. Lee and Kathleen Nadeau, eds., Asian American Identities and Practices: Folkloric Expressions in Everyday Life

    Francesca R. Sborgi Lawson, The Narrative Arts of Tianjin: Between Music and Language

    Wilt L. Idema, The Metamorphosis of Tianxian pei: Local Opera Under the Revolution (1949–1956)

    Zoe C. Sherinian, Tamil Folk Music as Dalit Liberation Theology

    Antoinette Elizabeth DeNapoli, Real Sadhus Sing to God: Gender, Asceticism, and Vernacular Religion in Rajasthan

    Stephanie W. Jamison and Joel P. Brereton, eds. and trans., The Rigveda (3 volume set)

    Albertus Bagus Laksana, Muslim and Catholic Pilgrimage Practices: Explorations Through Java

    Mark J. Hudson, Ann-elise Lewallen, and Mark K. Watson, eds., Beyond Ainu Studies: Changing Academic and Public Perspectives

    Jonathan Stockdale, Imagining Exile in Heian Japan: Banishment in Law, Literature, and Cult

    Daniel Bass, Everyday Ethnicity in Sri Lanka: Up-country Tamil Identity Politics

    Peter Maguire and Mike Ritter, Thai Stick: Surfers, Scammers, and the Untold Story of the Marijuana Trade

    Peter Schwieger, The Dalai Lama and the Emperor of China: A Political History of the Tibetan Institution of Reincarnation

  • Asian Ethnology 74 (2)   +

    The Invisible and the Visible: Communicating with the Yin World

    The “Kimono Wednesday” Protests: Identity Politics and How the Kimono Became More Than Japanese

    The Effectiveness and Limitations of “Context”: Reflections Based on Ethnographic Research of Myth Traditions

    The Impact of Christianity on Traditional Agricultural Practices and Beliefs among the Kimaragang of Sabah: A Preliminary Study

    Village Production and the Self Identification of Village Communities: The Case of Fangshan District, Beijing

    For Whom to Conserve Intangible Cultural Heritage: The Dislocated Agency of Folk Belief Practitioners and the Reproduction of Local Culture

    Guest Editor’s Introduction: Chinese Folklore Studies: Toward Disciplinary Maturity

    Chinese Folklore Since the Late 1970s: Achievements, Difficulties, and Challenges

    Critical Reflections on Religion and Media in Contemporary Bali

    Maurizia Boscagli, Stuff Theory: Everyday Objects, Radical Materialism

    E. J. Michael Witzel, The Origins of the World’s Mythologies

    Wilt L. Idema and Stephen H. West, The Generals of the Yang Family: Four Early Plays

    C. S. Adcock, The Limits of Tolerance: Indian Secularism and the Politics of Religious Freedom

  • Asian Ethnology 74 (1)   +

    Editors’ Note

    Popular Perceptions of Masculinity in Rural North Indian Oral Traditions

    Leisure, Work, and Constituted Everydayness: Mountain Songs of Hakka Women in Colonized Northern Taiwan (1930–1955)

    Cultivating Ezo: Indigenous Innovation and Ecological Change during Japan’s Bakumatsu Era

    Wild Sacredness and the Poiesis of Transactional Networks Relational Divinity and Spirit Possession in the Būta Ritual of South India

    Bloody Hell! Reading Boys’ Books in Seventeenth-Century Japan

    Toward a Modern Buddhist Hagiography Telling the Life of Hsing Yun in Popular Media

    Between Desire and Duty: On Tibetan Identity and its Effects on Second-Generation Tibetans

    Tea Practices in Mongolia: A Field of Female Power and Gendered Meanings

    John Melville Bishop, In The Wilderness of a Troubled Genre

    Wendy J. N. Lee, Pad Yatra: A Green Odyssey

    Peter van der Veer, The Modern Spirit of Asia: The Spiritual and the Secular in China and India

    Chadwick Allen, Trans-Indigeneous: Methodologies for Global Native Literary Studies

    Razia Sultanova, From Shamanism to Sufism: Women, Islam and Culture in Central Asia

    Rachel Harris, Rowan Pease, and Shzr Ee Tan, eds., Gender in Chinese Music

    Mun Young Cho, The Specter of “the People”: Urban Poverty in Northeast China

    Mariangela Giusti and Urmila Chakraborty, eds. Immagini, storie, parole: Dialoghi di formazione coi dipinti cantati delle donne Chitrakar del West Bengal

    Nissim Kadosh Otmazgin, The Political Economy of Japanese Popular Culture in Asia

    Noriko Aso, Public Properties: Museums in Imperial Japan

    John K. Nelson, Experimental Buddhism: Innovation and Activism in Contemporary Japan

    Kyung Hyun Kim and Youngmin Choe, eds., The Korean Popular Culture Reader

    Kevin Bubriski, Nepal: 1975–2011

    Marshall Clark and Juliet Pietsch, Indonesia-Malaysia Relations: Cultural Heritage, Politics and Labour Migration

  • Asian Ethnology 73   +

    Editors’ Note

    Guest Editors’ Introduction: Indigeneity, Performance, and the State in South Asia and Beyond

    Dimensions of Indigeneity in Highland Odisha, India

    Placing Indigeneity

    Tribal and Modern Voices in South Indian Kota Society

    Objectification and Social Aesthetics

    The Poetics and Politics of Practical Reason

    The Social Life of an Ethnonym

    Fertility or Indigeneity?

    VCD Crossovers

    The “Bison Horn” Muria

    Contact Zone

    Ethnographies of States and Tribes in Highland Odisha


    Kent Flannery and Joyce Marcus, The Creation of Inequality: How Our Prehistoric Ancestors Set the Stage for Monarchy, Slavery, and Empire

    Sam Gill, Dancing Culture Religion

    Laura Hirvi, Identities in Practice: A Trans-Atlantic Ethnography of Sikh Immigrants in Finland and in California

    John Baily, Songs from Kabul: The Spiritual Music of Ustad Amir Mohammad

    Beth Szczepanski, The Instrumental Music of Wutaishan’s Buddhist Monasteries: Social and Ritual Contexts

    Emily Chao, Lijiang Stories: Shamans, Taxi Drivers, and Runaway Brides in Reform-Era China

    Anne Murphy, The Materiality of the Past: History and Representation in Sikh Tradition

    Akhil Gupta, Red Tape: Bureaucracy, Structural Violence, and Poverty in India

    Teena Purohit, The Aga Khan Case: Religion and Identity in Colonial India

    Jeanne Hein and V. S. Rajam, The Earliest Missionary Grammar of Tamil: Fr. Henriques’ Arte da Lingua Malabar: Translation, History and Analysis

    Amitabh SenGupta, Scroll Paintings of Bengal: Art in the Village

    Smita Tewari Jassal, Unearthing Gender: Folksongs of North India

    Satsuki Kawano, Glenda S. Roberts, and Susan Orpett Long, eds., Capturing Contemporary Japan: Differentiation and Uncertainty

    Yasui Manami, Shussan kankyō no minzokugaku: “Dai san ji osan kakumei” ni mukete

    Ian Condry, The Soul of Anime: Collaborative Creativity and Japan’s Media Success Story

    Peter Haskel, Sword of Zen: Master Takuan and His Writings on Immovable Wisdom and The Sword Tale

    Merry White, Coffee Life in Japan

    Ian Harper, Development and Public Health in the Himalaya: Reflections on Healing in Contemporary Nepal

    Jan-Olof Svantesson, Kàm Ràw (Damrong Tayanin), Kristina Lindell and Håkan Lundström Dictionary of Kammu Yùan Language and Culture

    Ronit Ricci, Islam Translated: Literature, Conversion, and the Arabic Cosmopolis of South and Southeast Asia

    Sharika Thiranagama, In My Mother’s House: Civil War in Sri Lanka

    Michele Ruth Gamburd, The Golden Wave: Culture and Politics after Sri Lanka’s Tsunami Disaster

    Dhana Hughes, Violence, Torture and Memory in Sri Lanka: Life after Terror, and Gordon Weiss, The Cage: The Fight for Sri Lanka and the Last Days of the Tamil Tigers

    Emily T. Yeh, Taming Tibet: Landscape Transformation and the Gift of Chinese Development

    Tanya Zivkovic, Death and Reincarnation in Tibetan Buddhism: In-between Bodies

    Lauren Meeker, Sounding Out Heritage: Cultural Politics and the Social Practice of Quan Ho Folk Song in Northern Vietnam

  • Asian Ethnology 72 (2)   +

    Editors’ Introduction: Performing Identity

    Challenging the State by Reproducing its Principles

    Performing the Garo Nation?

    Performing Identity

    The Institutionalization of Tribal Religion

    Ethnic Conversions and Transethnic Descent Groups in the Assam-Meghalaya Borderlands

    Transcultural Communication and Social Order

    Evading the State

    Frank J. Korom, The Anthropology of Performance: A Reader

    Roel Sterckx, Food, Sacrifice, and Sagehood in Early China

    Jeremy E. Taylor, Rethinking Transnational Chinese Cinemas: The Amoy-dialect Film Industry in Cold War Asia

    Bhaskar Mukhopadhyay, The Rumor of Globalization: Desecrating the Global from Vernacular Margins

    Andrew Alter, Dancing with Devtās: Drums, Power and Possession in the Music of Garhwal, North India

    Tamal Krishna Goswami, author, Graham M. Schweig, editor, A Living Theology of Krishna Bhakti: Essential Teachings of A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

    Vivek Bald, Bengali Harlem and the Lost Histories of South Asian America

    Patrick Daly, R . Michael Feener, and Anthony S. J. Reid, eds., From the Ground Up: Perspectives on Post-Tsunami and Post-Conflict Aceh

    Caren Freeman, Making and Faking Kinship: Marriage and Labor Migration between China and South Korea

    Katherine Swancutt, Fortune and the Cursed: The Sliding Scale of Time in Mongolian Divination

    Geraldine Pratt, Families Apart: Migrant Mothers and the Conflicts of Labor and Love

    Shzr Ee Tan, Beyond ‘Innocence’: Amis Aboriginal Song in Taiwan as an Ecosystem

    Erik Harms, Saigon’s Edge: On the Margins of Ho Chi Minh City

  • Asian Ethnology 72 (1)   +

    Editors’ Introduction

    Baijie and the Bai

    Confrontation and Compromise

    Tsuchigumo sōshi

    Modernist Iconoclasm, Resilience, and Divine Power among the Mangghuer of the Northeast Tibetan Plateau

    Musical Instruments used in Rituals of the Alak in Laos

    Marta E. Hanson, Speaking of Epidemics in Chinese Medicine: Disease and the Geographical Imagination in Late Imperial China

    Stephan Feuchtwang, The Anthropology of Religion, Charisma and Ghosts: Chinese Lessons for Adequate Theory

    Zhongguo minjian wenyi xiehui zhubian 中国民间文艺协会主编 (China Folk Arts Society, ed.), Yalu Wang: Han Miao duizhao 亚鲁王—汉苗对照 (King of Yalu: Han and Miao bilingual text) and Yalu Wang: Tuban bufen 亚鲁王—图版部分 (King of Yalu: Photograph section)

    Matthew Rahaim, Musicking Bodies: Gesture and Voice in Hindustani Music

    Karen Pechilis, Interpreting Devotion: The Poetry and Legacy of a Female Bhakti Saint of India

    Kelly Pemberton, Women Mystics and Sufi Shrines in India

    Steve Rabson, The Okinawan Diaspora in Japan: Crossing the Borders Within

    Barbara R. Ambros, Bones of Contention: Animals and Religion in Contemporary Japan

    Sarinda Singh, Natural Potency and Political Power: Forests and State Authority in Contemporary Laos

    Xavier Romero-Frias, collector and trans., Folk Tales of the Maldives

    Andrew N. Weintraub, ed., Islam and Popular Culture in Indonesia and Malaysia

    Clare E. Harris, The Museum on the Roof of the World: Art, Politics, and the Representation of Tibet

    Paul G. Hackett, Theos Bernard, The White Lama: Tibet, Yoga, and American Religious Life

    Marietta Kind, The Bon Landscape of Dolpo: Pilgrimages, Monasteries, Biographies and the Emergence of Bon

    Annette Wilke and Oliver Moebus, Sound and Communication: An Aesthetic Cultural History of Sanskrit Hinduism

  • Asian Ethnology 71 (2)   +

    Displacement, Diminishment, and Ongoing Presence

    On Conceptions of Paradise and the Tourist Spaces of Southern Sri Lanka

    The Vanishing Hitchhiker in Shillong: Khasi Belief Narratives and Violence Against Women

    The Purification Process of Death: Mortuary Rites in a Japanese Rural Town

    Tradition and Ideology

    Nile Green, Sufism: A Global History

    Miyamoto Tsuneichi, trans. Jeffrey S. Irish, The Forgotten Japanese: Encounters with Rural Life and Folklore

    Zília Papp, Traditional Monster Imagery in Manga, Anime and Japanese Cinema

    Peter Wynn Kirby, Troubled Natures: Waste, Environment, Japan

    Sarah Mehlhop Strong, Ainu Spirits Singing: The Living World of Chiri Yukie’s Ainu Shinyoshu

    Matt Gillan, Songs from the Edge of Japan: Music-making in Yaeyama and Okinawa

    C. Fred Blake, Burning Money: The Material Spirit of the Chinese Lifeworld

    Koen Wellens, Religious Revival in the Tibetan Borderlands: The Premi of Southwest China

    Deborah Baker, The Convert: A Tale of Exile and Extremism

    Aditya Behl, trans., and Wendy Doniger, ed., The Magic Doe: Qutban Suhravardī’s Mirigāvatī

    Susan A. Reed, Dance and the Nation: Performance, Ritual, and Politics in Sri Lanka

    Trudy Jacobsen, Lost Goddesses: The Denial of Female Power in Cambodian History

    Mohd Anis Md Nor and Stephanie Burridge, eds., Sharing Identities: Celebrating Dance in Malaysia

    E. Douglas Lewis, The stranger-kings of Sikka

  • Asian Ethnology 71 (1)   +

    Editors' Introduction

    Haunting Modernity

    The Shift from Herding to Hunting among the Siberian Evenki

    An Introduction to Tibetan Sa bstod Speeches in A mdo

    Wobbly Aesthetics, Performance, and Message

    Tiantian Zheng, Red Lights: The Lives of Sex Workers in Postsocialist China

    Beata Grant and Wilt L. Idema (trans. and intro.), Escape from Blood Pond Hell: The Tales of Mulian and Woman Huang

    Ou Chaoquan, Life in a Kam Village in Southwest China, 1930–1949


    Ju-Hong Yun and Pashai Language Committee, On a mountain there is still a road

    Kausik Bandyopadhyay, Scoring Off The Field: Football Culture in Bengal, 1911–80

    Pratibha Mandal, An Approach to Cultural Mapping in North-East India in Respect to Tribal Tales

    Robert Cribb, Digital Atlas of Indonesia

    Herminia Meñez Coben, Verbal Arts in Philippine Indigenous Communities: Poetics, Society, and History

    Henry Johnson, The Shamisen: Tradition and Diversity

    Roald Knutsen, Tengu: The Shamanic and Esoteric Origins of the Japanese Martial Arts

  • Asian Ethnology 70 (2)   +

    A Brief History of Indian Religious Ritual and Resource Consumption

    Civil Ritual, NGOs, and Rural Mobilization in Medinipur District, West Bengal

    Village Deity and Sacred Text

    A Psychoanalytic Reading of Mālañcamālā, Rūpbān, Nūr Bānu, and Madanamañjarī

    Avron Boretz, Gods, Ghosts, and Gangsters: Ritual Violence, Martial Arts, and Masculinity on the Margins of Chinese Society

    Timo Kaartinen, Songs of Travel, Stories of Place: Poetics of Absence in an Eastern Indonesian Society

    Firoz Mahmud, ed., and Sharani Zaman, ass. ed., Folklore in Context: Essays in Honor of Shamsuzzaman Khan

    Laetitia Merli, De l’ombre à la lumière, de l’individu à la nation: Ethnographie du renouveau chamanique en Mongolie postcommuniste

  • Asian Ethnology 70 (1)   +

    Dirt, Noise, and Naughtiness

    The Baltistan Movement and the Power of Pop Ghazals

    “Hanayo no hime,” or “Blossom Princess”

    “Hanayo no hime,” or “Blossom Princess” (online only)

    Imitating Enemies or Friends

    The Deity and the Mountain

    Transnational Broken Hearts

    Sadhana Naithani, The Story-Time of the British Empire: Colonial and Postcolonial Folkloristics

    Laurel Kendall, ed., Consuming Korean Tradition in Early and Late Modernity: Commodification, Tourism, and Performance

    Vibeke Børdahl and Margaret B. Wan, eds., The Interplay of the Oral and the Written in Chinese Popular Literature

    Wilt L. Idema, Judge Bao and the Rule of Law: Eight Ballad Stories from the Period 1250-1450

    Hazel J. Wrigglesworth et al., Narrative Episodes from the Tulalang Epic

    Guillaume Rozenberg, trans. Jessica Hackett, Renunciation and Power: The Quest for Sainthood in Contemporary Burma

    James C. Scott, The Art of Not Being Governed: An Anarchist History of Upland Southeast Asia

    Michael Hitchcock, Victor T. King, and Michael Parnwell, eds., Heritage Tourism in Southeast Asia

    Håkan Lundström, I will Send my Song: Kammu Vocal Genres in the Singing of Kam Raw; and Håkan Lundström and Damrong Tayanin, Kammu Songs: The Songs of Kam Raw

    Jayant Bhalchandra Babat and Ian Mabbett, eds., The Iconic Female: Goddesses of India, Nepal and Tibet

    Barbara A. Brower and Barbara Rose Johnston, eds., Disappearing Peoples? Indigenous Groups and Ethnic Minorities in South and Central Asia

  • Asian Ethnology 69 (2)   +

    Ethnographic Perspectives on Differentiating Shamans from other Ritual Intercessors

    Narrative, Genre, and Contextuality: The Nüshu-Transcribed Liang-Zhu Ballad in Rural South China

    Sacred Dance at Sensōji: The Development of a Tradition

    The Social Contract and Symbolic Structure in Three Vietnamese Tales of the “Last Born”

    “Slit Belly Swamp”: A Japanese Myth of the Origin of the Pleiades?

    Philippine Sungka and Cultural Contact in Southeast Asia

    Tomoko Aoyama, Reading Food in Modern Japanese Literature

    Satsuki Kawano, Nature’s Embrace: Japan’s Aging Urbanites and New Death Rites

    Christian Gohlert, Die Verehrung von Wasserleichen und ihre Stellung im japanischen Volksglauben

    Jean-Marc Abela and Mark Patrick McGuire/Sandra Roth and Carina Roth, Shugendō Now/Where mountains fly

    Grace M. Cho, Haunting the Korean Diaspora: Shame, Secrecy, and the Forgotten War

    Laurel Kendall, Shamans, Nostalgias, and the IMF: South Korean Popular Religion in Motion

    Snying bo rgyal and R. Solomon Rino, Deity Men: Reb Gong Tibetan Trance Mediums in Transition

    Ashild Kolas and Monika P. Thowsen, On the Margins of Tibet: Cultural Survival on the Sino-Tibetan Frontier

    Stephen Jones, Ritual and Music of North China: Shawm Bands in Shanxi / Ritual and Music of North China, Volume 2: Shaanbei

    Margaret B. Wan, Green Peony and the Rise of the Chinese Martial Arts Novel

    Grégory Delaplace, L’invention des morts. Sepultures, fantômes et photographies en Mongolie contemporaine

    Olga Dror, Cult, Culture, and Authority: Princess Lieu Hanh in Vietnamese History

    Michael Hitchcock, Victor T. King, and Michael Parnwell, eds., Tourism in Southeast Asia: Challenges and New Directions

    Anna Morcom, Hindi Film Songs and the Cinema

    James Kippen, Gurudev’s Drumming Legacy: Music, Theory and Nationalism in the Mrdang aur Tabla Vadanpaddhati of Gurudev Patwardhan

  • Asian Ethnology 69 (1)   +

    “The Woman Waylaid at the Well” or Paṇaghaṭa-līlā

    Vengeful Spirits or Loving Spiritual Companions?

    Performing Paradigms of Modern Rajput Masculinities

    Healing and Exorcism

    Chaste Widows, Cunning Wives, and Amazonian Warriors

    A Discussion on Nagasawa Sōhei's *Hayachine take kagura

    Jürgen Wasim Frembgen, Journey to God: Sufis and Dervishes in Islam

    Anthony R. Walker, ed. Pika-Pika: The Flashing Firefly: Essays for Pauline Walker by her Friends in the Arts and Social Sciences

    Michael Dylan Foster.Pandemonium and Parade: Japanese Monsters and the Culture of Yōkai

    Mariko Asano Tamanoi, Memory Maps: The State and Manchuria in Postwar Japan

    Wilburn Hansen, When Tengu Talk: Hirata Atsutane’s Ethnography of the Other World

    Carolyn S. Stevens, Japanese Popular Music: Culture, Authenticity, and Power

    Mark W. MacWilliams, ed., Japanese Visual Culture: Explorations in the World of Manga and Anime

    Yang Erzeng, The Story of Han Xiangzi: The Alchemical Adventures of a Daoist Immortal

    Barley Norton, Songs for the Spirits: Music and Mediums in Modern Vietnam

    Robert W. Hefner, Making Modern Muslims: The Politics of Islamic Education in Southeast Asia

    Robert Knox Dentan, Overwhelming Terror: Love, Fear, Peace, and Violence among the Semai of Malaysia

    Gabriele Alex, Learning and Embodying Caste, Class and Gender: Patterns of Childhood in Rural Tamil Nadu

    Leland Liu Rogers, The Golden Summary of Činggis Qačan: Činggis Qayan-u Altan Tobči

  • Asian Ethnology 68 (2)   +

    Introduction: Power, Authority, and Contested Hegemony in Burmese-Myanmar Religion

    An Overview of the Field of Religion in Burmese Studies

    Charisma, Power(s), and the Arahant Ideal in Burmese-Myanmar Buddhism

    The Cult of Thamanya Sayadaw

    On the Ambivalence of Female Monasticism in Theravāda Buddhism

    Nats’ Wives” or “Children of Nats”

    A New Palace for Mra Swan Dewi

    Relics, Statues, and Predictions

  • Asian Ethnology 68 (1)   +

    “What’s Written on the Forehead Will Never Fail”

    The Most Revered of Foxes

    National Pantheon, Regional Deities, Personal Spirits?

    “By the Sweetness of the Tongue”

    Local Knowledge Constructed by the State

    Re-visioning Gendered Folktales in Novels by Mia Yun and Nora Okja Keller

    Lorie Brau, Rakugo: Performing Comedy and Cultural Heritage in Contemporary Tokyo

    Kunio Yanagita, The Legends of Tono: 100th Anniversary Edition

    Kelly M. Foreman, The Gei of Geisha: Music, Identity and Meaning

    Simon Mills, Healing Rhythms: The World of South Korea’s East Coast Hereditary Shamans

    Heonik Kwon, After the Massacre: Commemoration and Consolation in Ha My and My Lai

    Sudha Chandola, Entranced by the Goddess: Folklore in North Indian Religion

    Shankar Narayana D. Poojary, trans., Epic of the Warriors (Kōti Chennaya Pārdana)

    Karl Reichl, ed. and trans., Edige: A Karakalpak Oral Epic as performed by Jumabay Bazarov

  • Asian Ethnology 67 (2)   +

    Editor's Introduction: Popular Religion and the Sacred Life of Material Goods in Contemporary Vietnam

    The One-Eyed God at the VietnamMuseum of Ethnology: The Story of a Village Conflict

    Three Goddesses in and out of Their Shrine

    Amulets and the Marketplace

    A Thái Divination Kit in the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

    Đàn tính

    Sacred Object, Artifact, or Cultural Icon?

    Yin Illness

    The Revenge of the Object

    Judith T. Zeitlin, The Phantom Heroine: Ghosts and Gender in Seventeenth-CenturyChinese Literature

    Eli Alberts, A History of Daoism and the Yao People of South China

    Philip Lutgendorf, Hanuman’s Tale: The Messages of a Divine Monkey

    Joost Coté, Realizing the Dream of R. A. Kartini: Her Sisters’ Lettersfrom Colonial Java

    Philip Taylor, ed. Modernity and Re-enchantment: Religion in Post-revolutionaryVietnam

  • Asian Ethnology 67 (1)   +

    "Tribes of Snow"

    Editors' Introduction

    Ema-gined Community

    The Moon Bear as a Symbol of Yama

    Chanted Narratives of Indigenous People


    Redefining the History of Australia’s Asianness

    Karin Guggeis et al., eds. Football: One Game – Many Worlds

    Kim Brandt. Kingdom of Beauty: Mingei and the Politics of Folk Art in Imperial Japan

    William R. Lindsey. Fertility and Pleasure: Ritual and Sexual Values in Tokugawa Japan

    Nathan Hesselink. P’ungmul: South Korean Drumming and Dance

    Duan Baolin 段寳林, ed. Zhongguo Minjian Wenxue Gaiyao 中國民間文學概要 [Introduction to Chinese Folk Literature] and Zhongguo Minjian Wenyixue 中國民間文藝學 [The Study of Chinese Folk Literature and Arts]

    Adam Yuet Chau. Miraculous Response: Doing Popular Religion in Contemporary China

    Matthew Kapstein. The Tibetans

    Jürgen Wasim Frembgen. The Friends of God–Sufi Saints in Islam: Popular Poster Art from Pakistan

  • Asian Folklore Studies 66   +

    Editors' Introduction

    Rice: Representations and Reality

    Female Shamans in Eastern Japan during the Edo Period

    The True History of Shido Temple

    The Making of Tōjin: Construction of the Other in Early Modern Japan

    Onmyōji: Sex, Pathos, and Grotesquery in Yumemakura Baku’s Oni

    The Kwallye Samga of Korea: A Failed Attempt at Christian Accommodation to Confucian Culture

    The Man-Hunting Tiger: From “Wu Song Fights the Tiger” in Chinese Traditions

    Notes on Blood Revenge among the Reindeer Evenki of Manchuria (Northeast China)

    Village Deities of Tamil Nadu in Myths and Legends: The Narrated Experience

    Ordinary Religion, Extraordinary Anthropology: The Contributions of Peter Knecht

    How Ancient Is Lore: Southeast Asia Speaks Up

    A Striking Tale of Weaving Taboos and Divine Retribution: A Reinterpretation of the Asauchiyama Myth in Harima Fudoki

    The Namuyi: Linguistic and Cultural Features

    Review of: The Dall Sheep Dinner Guest: Iñupiaq Narratives of Northwest Alaska. Compiled by Wanni W. Anderson

    Review of: Frank J. Korom, Hosay Trinidad: Muharram Performances in an Indo-Caribbean Diaspora

    Review of: D. Max Moerman, Localizing Paradise: Kumano Pilgrimage and the religious landscape of Premodern Japan

    Review of: Li Fuqing 李福清

    Review of: Xiaohuan Zhao, Classical Chinese Supernatural Fiction: A Morphological History

    Review of: Barend J. Ter Haar, Telling Stories: Witchcraft and Scapegoating in Chinese History

    Review of: Kevin Stuart, Keith W. Slater, Wang Xianzhen et al., Folktales of China’s Minhe Mangghuer

    Review of: Les Contes facétieux du cadavre, Translation by Françoise Robin with the collaboration of Klu Rgyal Tshe Ring

    Review of: Nhung Tuyet Tran and Anthony Reid, eds., Việt nam: Borderless Histories

    Review of: Thomas L. Cooper, Sacred Painting in Bali: Tradition in Transition

    Review of: Jean DeBernardi, The Way that lives in the Heart: Chinese Popular religion and Spirit Mediums in Penang, Malaysia

    Review of: Leela Prasad, Ruth B. Bottigheimer, and Lalita Handoo, eds., Gender and Story in South India

    Review of: Shusha Guppy, The Secret of Laughter: Magical Tales from Classical Persia

    Review of: Vafsi Folk Tales: Twenty Four Tales in the Gurchani Dialect of Vafsi as narrated by Ghazanfar Mahmudi and Mashdi Mahdi and Collected by Lawrence P. Elwell-Sutton. Transcription, translation, and annotation by Donald L. Stilo

  • Asian Folklore Studies 65 (2)   +


    The Fox in World Literature: Reflections on a “Fictional Animal”

    Myths and Traditional Beliefs about the Wolf and the Crow in Central Asia: Examples from the Turkic Wu-Sun and the Mongols

    Preaching the Animal Realm in Late Medieval Japan

    Symbolic Animals in the Land between the Waters: Markers of Place and Transition

    Embodying Evil and Bad Luck: Stray Notes on the Folklore of Bats in Southwest Asia

    Culture and Knowledge of the Sacred Instrument Qeej in the Mong-American Community

    Ema Shū’s “The Mountain Folk”: Fictionalized Ethnography and Veiled Dissent

    Narrative “Lore” and Legend from Saurashtra (India): Gems Waiting to be Polished

    Review of: Margaret Read MacDonald, Ten Traditional Tellers

    Review of: John Balcom and Yingtsih Balcom, ed. and trans., Indigenous Writers of Taiwan: An Anthology of Stories, Essays & Poems

    Review of: Thomas David DuBois, The Sacred Village: Social Change and Religious Life in Rural North China

    Review of: Vincent Goossaert, L’interdit du bœuf en Chine. Agriculture, éthique et sacrifice

    Review of: Richard Von Glahn, The Sinister Way: The Divine and the Demonic in Chinese Religious Culture

    Review of: Lam Tuyen Tinh, translated and annotated by Honda Mamoru, LangBiang no jiseki: Betonamu Chūbu shōsūminzoku no kodenshō

    Review of: Philipus Tule, Longing for the House of God, Dwelling in the House of the Ancestors: Local Belief and Christianity, and Islam among the Kéo of Central Flores

    Review of: Gongboo Sayrung (author), Losang Sodnum and Tsepakgyap (illustrations), Tibetan Childhood; Guhruh (author) and Tsepakgyap (illustrations), Jahzong: Tibetan Tribal Hero; Puhua Dongzhi, Tibetan Village Wedding (DVD), The Perfection of Wisdom (DVD), Tibetan Woman’s Life (DVD)

    Review of: Sagram Santosh Kumar Soren, comp. Santalia: Catalogue of Santali Manuscripts in Oslo

    Review of: Giovanni Canova, ed. Studies on Arab Epics: Oriente Moderno

    Review of: Sayyid Hamid Hurreiz, Folklore and Folklife in the United Arab Emirates

  • Asian Folklore Studies 65 (1)   +

    On the Wings of a Bird: Folklore, Nativism, and Nostalgia in Meiji Letters

    Pipit Rochijat’s Subversive Mythologies: The Suharto Era and Beyond

    Homo narrans in East Java: Regional Myths and Local Concerns

    Symbolism of Hairstyles in Korea and Japan

    Obituary: Walther Heissig (1913-2005)

    Review of: Hans-Jörg Uther, The Types f International Folktales: A Classification and Bibliography, Based on the System of Antti Aarne and Stith Thompson

    Review of: Theodore C. Bestor, Tsukiji: The Fish Market at the Center of the World

    Review of: Moo-Sook Hahn, And So Flows History

    Review of: Chan E. Park, Voices from the Straw Mat: Toward an Ethnography of Korean Story Singing

    Review of: Stevan Harrell, Perspectives on the Yi of Southwest China

    Review of: Huang Qiang 黄強 and Se Yin 色音, Samanjiao tushuo 『薩滿教圖説』

    Review of: Jugui Limusishiden and Kevin Stuart, Huzhu Mongghul Folklore: Texts and Translations; Jugui Limusishiden and Kevin Stuart, Huzhu Mongghul Texts: Chileb 1983–1996 Selections

    Review of: Erika Taube, Volksmärchen der Mongolen. Aus dem Mongolischen, Russischen und Chinesischen übersetzt und herausgegeben

    Review of: Sew’jan I. Weinshtein, Geheimnisvolles Tuwa. Expeditionen in das Herz Asiens

    Review of: Caroline Brewer, Shamanism, Catholicism and Gender Relations in Colonial Philippines, 1521–1685

    Review of: Alexander K. Adelaar, Salako or Badameà: Sketch Grammar, Texts and Lexicon of a Kanayatn Dialect in West Borneo

    Review of: Renato Rosaldo, Cultural Citizenship in IslandSoutheast Asia: Nation and Belonging in the Hinterlands

    Review of: A. Frenz and K. K. Marar, Wall Paintings in North Kerala/India: 1000 Years of Temple Art

    Review of: Susan L. Schwartz, Rasa: Performing the Divine in India

  • Asian Folklore Studies 64 (2)   +

    Is it Clothes that Make the Man?: Cross-Dressing, Gender, Sex in Pre-Twentieth-Century Zhu Yingtai Lore

    Shuten Dōji: “Drunken Demon”

    Religious Revival as Reaction to Hegemonization of Power in Siberia in the 1920s to 1940s

    Staging a Ritual Dance Out of its Context: The Role of an Individual Artist in Transforming the Alevi Semah

    The Historical Relationship between the Shawls of Gürün and Iran

    A Shaman’s Ritual Songs

    Research on Buddhist Nuns in Japan, Past and Present

    Folktale Types of the Arab World

    Review of: Günther Distelrath and Peter Kleinen, Fundamentalismus versus Wissenschaft? Zur Identität des Orients in östlichen und westlichen Diskursen

    Review of: Wolfgang Mieder, The Netherlandish Proverbs: An International Symposium of the Pieter Brueg(h)els

    Review of: Susan L. Burns, Before the Nation: Kokugaku and the Imagining of Community in Early Modern Japan

    Review of: Ronald P. Loftus, Telling Lives: Women’s Self-Writing in Modern Japan

    Review of: Vibeke Børdahl, Fei Li, and Huang Ying, Four Masters of Chinese Storytelling: Full-Length Repertoires of Yangzhou Storytelling on Video 『揚州評評話四家藝人』

    Review of: Fan Pen Li Chen, Visions for the Masses: Chinese Shadow Plays from Shaanxi and Shanxi

    Review of: Howard Giskin and Bettye S. Walsh, An Introduction to Chinese Culture through the Family

    Review of: Stephen Jones, Plucking the Winds: Lives of Village Musicians in Old and New China

    Review of: Kohn Livia, Monastic Life in Medieval China: A Cross-Cultural Perspective

    Review of: Kristofer Schipper and Franciscus Verellen, The Taoist Canon: A Historical Companion to the Daozang

    Review of: Nguyen Van Huy and Laurel Kendall, Vietnam: Journeys of Body, Mind, and Spirit

    Review of: Lauri Harvilahti, Zoja S. Kazagačeva, The Holy Mountain: Studies on Upper Altai Oral Poetry

    Review of: Anthony R. Walker, Merit and the Millennium: Routine and Crisis in the Ritual Lives of the Lahu People

    Review of: William D. Wilder, Journeys of the Soul: Anthropological Studies of Death, Burial and Reburial Practices in Borneo

    Review of: Hillary Peter Rodrigues, Ritual Worship of the Great Goddess: The Liturgy of the Durgā Pūjā with Interpretations

  • Asian Folklore Studies 64 (1)   +

    “Listen, Rāma’s Wife!”: Maithil Women’s Perspectives and Practices in the Festival of Sāmā Cakevā

    Folk Culture and Urban Adaptation: A Case Study of the Paharia in Rajshahi

    Bridal Laments in Rural Hong Kong

    The Revival of Folk Religion and Gender Relationships in Rural China: A Preliminary Observation

    Silkworms and Consorts in Nara Japan

    The Dog Star and the Multiple Suns Motif: An Asian Contribution to European Mythology

    Obituary: Kristina Lindell (1928-2005)

    Stories and Language of the Mantauran

    Review of: Nanxiu Qian, Spirit and Self in Medieval China: The Shih-shuo hsin-yü and its Legacy

    Review of: Sandra Cate, Making Merit, Making Art: A ThaiTemple in Wimbledon

  • Asian Folklore Studies 63 (2)   +

    Hmong Instructions to the Dead: What the Mouth Organ Qeej Says (Part Two)

    Oral Competition Narratives of Muslim and Hindu Saints in the Deccan

    The Long-Tailed Rat

    Interpreting Untouchability: The Performance of Caste in Andhra Pradesh, South India

    Folklores of Sacred Khecheopalri Lake in the Sikkim Himalaya of India: A Plea for Conservation

    Btsisi’, Blandas, and Malays: Ethnicity and Identity in the Malay Peninsula Based on Btsisi’ Folklore and Ethnohistory

    Review of: Noriko Reider, Tales of the Supernatural in Early Modern Japan: Kaidan, Akinari, Ugetsu Monogatari

    Review of: James Huntley Grayson, Myths and Legends from Korea: An Annotated Compendium of Ancient and Modern Materials

    Review of: Mark Bender, Plum and Bamboo: China’s Suzhou Chantefable Tradition

    Review of: Shanshan Du, “Chopsticks Only Work in Pairs”: Gender Unity and Gender Equality among the Lahu of Southwest China

    Review of: Liangyan Ge, Out of the Margins: The Rise of Chinese Vernacular Fiction

    Review of: Rania Huntington, Alien Kinds: Foxes and Late Imperial Chinese Narrative

    Review of: Charles Le Blanc and Rémi Mathieu, Philosophes Taoïstes II: Huainan zi

    Review of: Patricia Matusky and Tan Sooi Ben, The Music of Malaysia: The Classical, Folk and Syncretic Traditions

    Review of: Patricia V. Symonds, Calling in the Soul: Gender and Cycle of Life in a Hmong Village

    Review of: Molly Kaushal, Chanted Narratives: The Living ‘Katha-Vachana’ Tradition

    Review of: Selva J. Raj and Corinne G. Dempsey, Popular Christianity in India: Riting Between the Lines

  • Asian Folklore Studies 63 (1)   +

    Hmong Instructions to the Dead: What the Mouth Organ Qeej Says (Part One)

    Speaking with Spirits: The Hmong Ntoo Xeeb New Year Ceremony

    Shamanic Epics and Narrative Construction of Identity on Cheju Island

    Dreaming the Seven-Colored Flower: Eastern and Western Approaches to Dreams in Chinese Folk Literature

    The Scorpion in Muslim Folklore

    Obituary: Lauri Honko (1932-2002).

    Obituary: Dai Buzhang

    Review of: Wolfgang Mieder, Proverbs and Their Lessons: Richard Chenevix Trench

    Review of: Mark C. van Tongeren, Overtone Singing: Physics and Metaphysics of Harmonics in East and West

    Review of: Hans Adalbert Dettmer, Acta Sieboldiana VIII. Ein nachgelassenes Manuskript Ph.F. von Siebolds zu “Nippon” Abteilung VII: Das Mogami Tokunai zugeschriebene Ainu-Wörterbuch

    Review of: Helen Hardacre, Religion and Society in Nineteenth-Century Japan: A Study of the Southern Kanto Region, Using Late Edo and Early Meiji Gazetteers

    Review of: Kim Chongho, Korean Shamanism: The Cultural Paradox

    Review of: Zhao Deguang 趙徳光, Ashima wenxian huibian 『阿詩瑪文學彙編』; Ashima yuanshi ziliao huibian 『阿詩瑪原始資料彙編』; Ashima yanjiu lunwenji 『阿詩瑪研究論文集』

    Review of: Cristina Eghenter, Bernard Sellato, and G. Simon Devung, Social Science Research and Conservation Management in the Interior of Borneo: Unravelling Past and Present Interactions of People and Forests

    Review of: Thomas H. Slone, One Thousand One Papua New Guinean Nights: Folktales from Wantok Newspaper

    Review of: Qiron Adhikary, Feminist Folktales from India; William Crooke and Pandit Ram Gharib Chaube, Folktales from Northern India

    Review of: M. V. Kamath and Kalindi Randeri, Indian Names: From Classical to Contemporary (For People, Places and Products)

    Review of: Ramdas Lamb, Rapt in the Name: The Ramnamis, Ramnam, and Untouchable Religion in Central India

    Review of: Martin Gaenszle, Ancestral Voices: Oral Ritual Texts and their Social Contexts among the Mewahang Rai of East Nepal

    Review of: Alan Dundes, Fables of the Ancients? Folklore in the Qur’an

  • Asian Folklore Studies 62 (2)   +

    Guest Editors’ Introduction: Revitalizing Japanese Folklore

    Cultural Diversity and Folklore Studies in Japan: A Multiculturalist Approach

    Between Preservation and Tourism: Folk Performing Arts in Contemporary Japan

    Folktale Research After Yanagita: Development and Related Issues

    A Female Shaman’s Mind and Body, and Possession

    On Cognitive Aspects of Rhetorical Time Reckoning: Metaphor and Image-Schema in Calendrical Divination in Okinawa

    Review of: Lauri Honko, The Kalevala and the World’s Traditional Epics

    Review of: Ingrid Fritsch, Wax Cylinder Recordings of Japanese Music (1901–1913)

    Review of: Gloria Ganz Gonick, Matsuri! : Japanese Festival Arts

    Review of: Honda Katsuichi, Harukor: An Ainu Woman’s Tale

    Review of: Alessandro Dell’Orto, Place and Spirit in Taiwan: Tudi Gong in the Stories, Strategies and Memories of Everyday Life

    Review of: Li Fuqing, Guan Gong chuanshuo yu Sanguo yanyi

    Review of: Richard E. Strassberg, A Chinese Bestiary: Strange Creatures from the Guideways Through Mountains and Seas

    Review of: Carole Pegg, Mongolian Music, Dance and Oral Narrative: Performing Diverse Identities

    Review of: Carlos R. Medina, 106 Ifugao Abu’Wab Tales Documented by Frans Lambrecht, C.I.C.M. From 1932 to 1957

    Review of: Clifford Sather, Seeds of Play, Words of Power: An Ethnographic Study of Iban Shamanic Chants

    Review of: Bernard Sellato, Innermost Borneo: Studies in Dayak Cultures

    Review of: Alexander M. Dubianski, Ritual and Mythological Sources of the Early Tamil Poetry

    Review of: Gabriella Eichinger Ferro-Luzzi, The Maze of Fantasy in Tamil Folktales

    Review of: Martine van Woerkens, The Strangled Traveler: Colonial Imaginations and the Thugs of India

    Review of: P. Marcel Kupershoek, Oral Poetry and Narratives from Central Arabia, 4. A Saudi Tribal History: Honour and Faith in the Traditions of the Dawāsir

  • Asian Folklore Studies 62 (1)   +

    The Increase of Shamans in Contemporary Ladakh: Some Preliminary Observations

    Shadow Theaters of the World

    The Storyteller’s Manner in Chinese Storytelling

    May the Gods Strike you Dead!: Healing Through Subversion in Shamanic Narratives

    Transformation of the Oni: From the Frightening and Diabolical to the Cute and Sexy

    Dayak Tales

    Review of: John Miles Foley, How to Read an Oral Poem

    Review of: Emiko Ohnuki-Tierney, Kamikaze, Cherry Blossoms, and Nationalisms: The Militarization of Aesthetics in Japanese History

    Review of: Bamo Qubumo 巴莫曲布嫫 , Yingling yu shihun, Yizu gudai jingji shixue yanjiu 『鷹霊与詩魂, 彝族古代経籍学研究』

    Review of: Ronald G. Knapp, China’s Walled Cities

    Review of: Christine Helliwell, “Never Stand Alone”: A Study of Borneo Society

    Review of: Stuart Blackburn, Moral Fictions: Tamil Folklore from Oral Tradition

    Review of: Jawaharlal Handoo, Folklore in Modern India; Lauri Honko, Jawaharlal Handoo, and John Miles Foley, The Epic: Oral and Written

    Review of: Ulrich Marzolph, Narrative Illustrations in Persian Lithographed Books

    Review of: Jürgen W. Frembgen, Kleidung und Ausrüstung islamischer Gottsucher. Ein Beitrag zur materiellen Kultur des Derwischwesens

    Review of: János Sipos, In the Wake of Bartók in Anatolia

  • Asian Folklore Studies 61 (2)   +

    Tales, Tanks, and Temples: The Creation of a Sacred Center in Seventeenth-Century Bengal

    The Revival of Folksongs in South Korea: The Case of Tondollari

    Jingū Kōgō Ema in Southwestern Japan: Reflections and Anticipations of the Seikanron Debate in the Late Tokugawa and Early Meiji Period

    From Constantinople to Istanbul: Two Sources on the Historical Folklore of a City

    Folk Medicinal Plants in the Sikkim Himalayas of India

    Epic and Asian Folklore

    Review of: Nathalie Kouamé, Pèlerinage et société dans le Japon des Tokugawa. Le pèlerinage de Shikoku entre1598 et 1868

    Review of: Vibeke Børdahl and Jette Ross, Chinese Storytellers: Life and Art in the Yangzhou Tradition

    Review of: Robert F. Campany, To Live As Long As Heaven and Earth: A Translation and Study of Ge Hong’s Traditions of Divine Transcendents

    Review of: Edward Hacker, Steve Moore, Lorraine Pasco, I Ching: An Annotated Bibliography

    Review of: Marc L. Moskowitz, The Haunting Fetus: Abortion, Sexuality, and the Spirit World in Taiwan

    Review of: René Schnell, Briefe aus Shanghai 1946-1952: Dokumente eines Kulturschocks

    Review of: Roel Sterckx, The Animal and the Daemon in Early China

    Review of: Eva Maria Kershaw, A Study of Brunei Dusun Religion: Ethnic Priesthood on a Frontier of Islam

    Review of: Pui Huen Lim, James H. Morrison and Kwa Chong Guan, Oral History in Southeast Asia: Theory and Method

    Review of: Alf Hiltebeitel, Rethinking the Mahābhārata: A Reader’s Guide to the Education of the Dharma King

    Review of: José Luiz Martinez, Semiosis in Hindustani Music

    Review of: Todd T. Lewis, Popular Buddhist Texts From Nepal: Narratives and Rituals of Newar Buddhism

    Review of: N

    Review of: James A. Matisoff, Blessings, Curses, Hopes, and Fears: Psycho-Ostensive Expressions in Yiddish

  • Asian Folklore Studies 61 (1)   +

    The Deity and Wind of Ise

    “The Blessing of Living in a Country Where There Are Senryū”: Humor in Response to Aum Shinrikyō

    Cultural Accommodations in Southeast China: The “Han Miao” and Problems in the Ethnography of the Hmong

    From Oral Tradition to “Folk Art”: Reevaluating Bengali Scroll Paintings

    Cinderella in Tibet

    Obituary: Anatolij Makarovič Kajgorodov (1927-1998).

    Indonesian Folktales

    Review of: Kerbelite Bronislava, Tipi narodnyh skazanij. The Types of Folk Legends: The Strucutral-Semantic Classification of Lithuanian Aetiological, Mythological and Historical Legends

    Review of: Wolfgang Mieder, International Proverb Scholarship: An Annotated Bibliography

    Review of: Nancy A. Niedzielski and Dennis R. Preston, Folk Linguistics

    Review of: Enchi Fumiko, A Tale of False Fortunes

    Review of: Endō Shōji, Folktales of Okinawa

    Review of: Gerald Figal, Civilization and Monsters: Spirits of Modernity in Meiji Japan

    Review of: Carrie E. Reed, Chinese Chronicles of the Strange: The “Nuogao ji”

    Review of: E. M. Makharov, Olonkho—duhovnoe nasledije naroda sakha

  • Asian Folklore Studies 60 (2)   +


    From Iranian Myth to Folk Narrative: The Legend of the Dragon-Slayer and the Spinning Maiden in the Persian Book of the Kings

    Persian Popular Literature in the Qajar Period

    The Gender of the Trick: Female Tricksters and Male Narrators

    Rostam’s Seven Trials and the Logic of Epic Narrative in the Shahnama

    Traces of Ancient Iranian Culture in Boysun District, Uzbekistan

    The Persianization of Köroflu: Banditry and Royalty in ThreeVersions of the Köroflu Destan

    Healing Practices among Yezidi Sheikhs of Armenia

    Hunters’ Lore in Nuristan

    Review of: Wolfgang Mieder and Deborah Holmes, “Children and Proverbs Speak the Truth”: Teaching Proverbial Wisdom to Fourth Graders

    Review of: Beatrice K. Otto, Fools are Everywhere: The Court Jester Around the World

    Review of: William W. Fitzhugh and Chisato O. Dubreuil, Ainu: Spirit of a Northern People

    Review of: Josef Kreiner, Sources of Ryūkyūan History and Culture in European Collections

    Review of: Jörg Bäcker, Mandschurische Göttinnen und iranische Teufel. Die Mandschu-Weltentstehungsmythen als Kultursynthesen

    Review of: Chao Gejin 朝戈金, Kochuan shishi xue: Ranpile “Jiangge’er” chengshi jufa yanjiu 『口傳史詩學: 冉皮勒馬 《講格爾》 程式句法研究』

    Review of: Ronald G. Knapp, China’s Old Dwellings

    Review of: Élisabeth Papineau, Le jeu dans la Chine contemporaine: Mah-jong, jeu de go et autres loisirs

    Review of: Meir Shahar, Crazy Ji: Chinese Religion and Popular Literature

    Review of: Wu Yiwen 呉一文 and Tan Dongping 覃東平, Miaozu guge yu Miaozu lishi wenhua yanjiu 『苗族古歌與苗族歴史文化研究』

    Review of: Jill Oakes and Rick Riewe, Spirit of Siberia: Traditional Life, Clothing, and Footwear

    Review of: Siraporn T. Nathalang, Thai Folklore: Insights into Thai Culture

    Review of: Herman Tieken, Kāvya in South India: Old Tamil Cankam Poetry

    Review of: Jürgen Wasim Frembgen and Hans Werner Mohm, Lebensbaum und Kalaschnikow. Krieg und Frieden im Spiegel afghanischer Bildteppiche

  • Asian Folklore Studies 60 (1)   +


    A Proverb Poem by Refiki

    Myths of the Czech Gypsies

    The Names and Identities of the Boramey Spirits Possessing Cambodian Mediums

    Chindonya Today: Japanese Street Performers in Commercial Advertising

    The Emergence of Kaidan-shū: The Collection of Tales of the Strange and Mysterious in the Edo Period

    A Description of Jiangjing (Telling Scriptures) Services in Jingjiang, China

    Obituary: Nelly Naumann (1922-2000)

    Review of: Alan Dundes, International Folkloristics: Classic Contributions by the Founders of Folklore

    Review of: John Miles Foley, Homer’s Traditional Art

    Review of: Alexandra Georgakopoulou, Narrative Performances: A Study of Modern Greek Storytelling

    Review of: Peter Gilet, Vladimir Propp and the Universal Folktale: Recommissioning an Old Paradigm—Story as Initiation

    Review of: Gerald Groemer, The Spirit of Tsugaru: Blind Musicians, Tsugaru-jamisen, and the Folk Music of Northern Japan

    Review of: Helen Hardacre, The Postwar Developments of Japanese Studies in the United States

    Review of: Christina Nygren, Gastar, Generaler och Gäckande Gudinnor. Resande teatersällskap, religiösa festivaler och populära nöjen i dagens Japan och Kina

    Review of: Monika Wacker, Onarigami. Die heilige Frau in Okinawa

    Review of: Ronald G. Knapp, China’s Living Houses: Folk Beliefs, Symbols, and Household Ornamentation

    Review of: Lunan Yizu zizhixian minzu zongjiao shiwuju 路南彝族自治縣民族宗教事務局, Lunan Yizu mizhijie yishige yiliao,Lunan Yiwen guji congshu 『路南彝族密枝節儀式歌譯疏, 路南彝文古籍叢書』; Shlin Yizu zizhixian minzu zongjiao shiwuju 石林彝族自治縣民族宗教事務局 Yizu Sani jisici yiliao, Shilin Yiwen gudian congshu 『彝族撤尼祭祀詞譯疏, 石林彝文古典籍叢書』

    Review of: Nikolaj V. Emeljanov, Sjuzhety olongkho o zashchitnikah plemeni

    Review of: Nicole Revel and Mäsinu Intaräy, La quête en épouse. Mämiminbin, une épopée palawan chantée par Mäsinu

    Review of: Elizabeth Hinton, Oldest Brother's Story: Tales of the Pwo Karen

    Review of: Gerry Abbot and Min Thant Han, The Folk-tales of Burma: An Introduction

    Review of: James J. Fox, Clifford Sather, Origins, Ancestry and Alliance: Explorations in Austronesian Ethnography

    Review of: Gregory G. Maskarinec, Nepalese Shaman Oral Texts

    Review of: Earaplackal Varghese and Peter Paul Hembrom, Ethnomedical Lore of the Paharias: Applied Ethnomedicine of the Paharias of Santhal Parganas-Bihar

    Review of: Eli Yassif, The Hebrew Folktale: History, Genre, Meaning

  • Asian Folklore Studies 59 (2)   +

    Holy Cow! The Apotheosis of Zebu, or Why the Cow is Sacred in Hinduism

    The Oral and Ritual Culture of Chinese Women: Bridal Lamentations of Nanhui

    The Annual Round of Agricultural Tasks in Dongyang County: Synoptic Illusion or Symbolic Capital?

    The Appeal of Kaidan, Tales of the Strange

    Obituary: Miyata Noboru (1936-2000)

    Religion, Gender and Okinawan Studies

    Correspondence: Jan-Öjvind Swahn’s Review of Proverbs, Songs, Epic Narratives, Folktales of East Asia

    Review of: Klaus Peter Köpping, The Games of Gods and Man: Essays in Play and Performance

    Review of: Meher McArthur, Gods and Goblins: Japanese Folk Paintings from Otsu

    Review of: Scott Schnell, The Rousing Drum: Ritual Practice in a Japanese Community

    Review of: Ueda Makoto, Light Verse from the Floating World: An Anthology of Premodern Japanese Senryu

    Review of: Chen Diexian, The Money Demon: An Autobiographical Romance

    Review of: Stephen Jones, Folk Music of China: Living Instrumental Traditions

    Review of: Michael Oppitz and Elisabeth Hsu, Naxi and Moso Ethnography: Kin, Rites, Pictographs

    Review of: Antoinet Schimmelpenninck, Chinese Folk Songs and Folk Singers: Shan’ge Traditions in Southern Jiangsu

    Review of: Marie-Lise Beffa and Laurence Delaby, Festins d’âmes et robes d’esprits. Les objets chamaniques sibériens du Musée de l’Homme

    Review of: William A. Collins, The Guritan of Radin Suane: A Study of the Besemah Oral Epic from South Sumatra

    Review of: Johannes Maria Hämmerle, Nias—eine eigene Welt: Sagen, Mythen, Überlieferungen

    Review of: Gabriella Eichinger Ferro-Luzzi, Glimpses of the IndianVillage in Anthropology and Literature

    Review of: Alf Hiltebeitel, Rethinking India’s Oral and Classical Epics: Draupadi among Rajputs, Muslims, and Dalits

    Review of: F. R. Young and G. S. B. Senanayaka, The Carpenter-Heretic: A Collection of Buddhist Stories about Christianity from 18th-Century Sri Lanka

    Review of: CD Seven Orients, The Voice of the Khene: Enchanted Airs from the Lao Pan Flute

  • Asian Folklore Studies 59 (1)   +

    Toothless Ancestors, Felicitous Descendants: The Rite of Secondary Burial in South Taiwan

    KaaLiyaaTTam: The Life History of a Performer and the Develop-ment of a Performing Art

    Elegiac Chhand and Duhā in Charani Lore

    The Bone Motif and Lambs in the Turkish Folktale “The Reed Door”

    The Lapidary Sky over Japan

    Traditional Law of the Ede

    Thirty Korku Dancing Songs

    Obituary: Stephen Fuchs SVD (1908-2000)

    Obituary: Wang Xiaotang (1918–2000)

    Review of: Amy K. Crook, Jelena O. Krstovic and Daniel G. Marowski, Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism Volume 26: Excerpts from Criticism of the Works of World Authors from Classical Antiquity through the Fourteenth Century, from the First Appraisals to Current Evaluations

    Review of: Wolfgang Mieder and Anna Tóthné Litovkina, Twisted Wisdom: Modern Anti-Proverbs

    Review of: Sen Sōlshitsu XV., The Japanese Way of Tea: From Its Origins in China to Sen Rikyū

    Review of: Karen A. Smyers, The Fox and the Jewel: Shared and Private Meanings in Contemporary Japanese Inari Worship

    Review of: Vibeke Børdahl, The Eternal Storyteller: Oral Literature in Modern China

    Review of: Gao Yan, The Art of Parody: Maxine Hong Kingston’s Use of Chinese Sources

    Review of: Stevan Harrell, Bamo Qubumo and Ma Erzi, Mountain Patterns: The Survival of Nuosu Culture in China

    Review of: Florian Reiter, The Aspiration and Standards of Taoist Priests in the Early T’ang Period

    Review: Li Yu, A Tower for the Summer Heat

    Review: Paula R. Bos, Biographies of Florenese Musical Instruments and Their Collectors

    Review: Valentine E. Daniel, Charred Lullabies: Chapters in an Anthropography of Violence

    Review: Lauri Honko, Textualising the Siri Epic; Lauri Honko, Chinnappa Gowda, Anneli Honko, and Viveka Rai, The Siri Epic as Performed by Gopala Naika

    Review of: A. K. Ramanujan, A Flowering Tree and Other Oral Tales from India

    Review of: Muhammad Ahmad Panāhī Semnānī, Tarāne wa tarānesarāyī dar Iran

    Review of: Rowshan Rahmānī, Afsānehā-ye darī

    Review of: Ahmad Vakilian, Tamsil wa masal

  • Asian Folklore Studies 58 (2)   +

    The Arts of the Gannin

    A Stinger in the Tale: “The Sudden Awakening” Ending in East Asian Folktales

    Papercut Stories of the Manchu Woman Artist Hou Yumei

    The Social Significance of the Shaman among the Chinese Reindeer-Evenki

    Spotted Doves at War: The Praak Sangkiil

    Review of: Margaret Beissinger, Jane Tylus and Susasnne Wofford, Epic Traditions in the Contemporary World: The Poetics of Community

    Review of: Yen Ping-Chiu, Proverbs, Songs, Epic Narratives, Folktales of East Asia: Selected Texts, Parallel Analysis and Comparative Approach

    Review of: Karen Brazell, Traditional Japanese Theater: An Anthology of Plays

    Review of: John S. Brownlee, Japanese Historians and the National Myths, 1600–1945: The Age of the Gods and Emperor Jinmu

    Review of: Ingrid Fritsch, Japans blinde Sänger im Schutz der Gottheit Myōon-Benzaiten

    Review of: Brian Moeran, Folk Art Potters of Japan: Beyond an Anthropology of Aesthetics

    Review of: Francesca Bray, Technology and Gender: Fabrics of Power in Late Imperial China

    Review of: Pu Zhong-Yong 浦忠勇, Taiwan Zou zu minjian geyao 『台湾鄒族民間歌謡』

    Review of: Laurel Kendall, Barbara Mathe, Thomas Ross Miller, Drawing Shadows to Stone: The Photography of the Jesup North Pacific Expedition 1897–1902

    Review of: Terry E. Miller and Jarernchai Chonpairot, A History of Siamese Music Reconstructed from Western Documents, 1505–1932

    Review of: L. Bansat-Boudon, Théâtres indiens

    Review of: Galit Hasan-Rokem and David Shulman, Untying the Knot: On Riddles and Other Enigmatic Modes

    Review of: András Höfer, Tamang Ritual Texts II: Ethnographic Studies in the Oral Traditions and Folk-Religion of an Ethnic Minority in Nepal

    Review of: Walburga Haas, Volkskunde und Brauchtumspflege im Nationalsozialismus in Salzburg: Referate,Diskussionen, Archivmaterial

  • Asian Folklore Studies 58 (1)   +


    Tibetan Tricksters

    The Xunhua Salar Wedding

    Minhe Mangghuer Wedding Songs: Musical Characteristics

    “Laughing on the Beacon Tower”: Spring Festival Songs from Qinghai

    A Ritual Winter Exorcism in Gnyan Thong Village, Qinghai

    Folk Medicinal Plants of the Nagas in India

    Response of: G. Eichinger Ferro-Luzzi

    Review of: Damiana L. Eugenio, ASEAN Folk Literature: An Anthology

    Review of: Robert A. Georges and Michael Owen Jones, Folkloristics: An Introduction

    Review of: John A. Lent, Asian Popular Culture

    Review of: Klaus Antoni, Shintō und die Konzeption des japanischen Nationalwesens (kokutai): Der religiöse Traditionalismus in Neuzeit und Moderne Japans

    Review of: Sonja Arntzen, The Kagero Diary: A Woman’s Autobiographical Text from Tenth-Century Japan

    Review of: Laurence R. Kominz, Avatars of Vengeance: Japanese Drama and the Soga Literary Tradition

    Review of: Michael Martischnig,Tätowierung ostasiatischer Art. Zu Sozialgeschichte und handwerklicher Ausführung von gewerblichem Hautstich in Vergangenheit und Gegenwart Japans

    Review of: Barbara E. Thornbury, The Folk Performing Arts: Traditional Cultures in Contemporary Japan

    Review of: Guizhousheng Minzushiwu Weiyuanhui Minzu Yuwen Bangongshi 貴州省民族事務委員会民族語文化公室, Bangx hxak: Miaozu guge gehua 『苗族古歌歌花』

    Review of: Terry F. Kleeman, Great Perfection: Religion and Ethnicity in a Chinese Millennial Kingdom

    Review of: Anne E. McLaren, Chinese Popular Culture and Ming Chantefables

    Review of: Marc Garanger and Roberte N. Hamayon, Taïga, terre de chamans

    Review of: Keane Webb, Signs of Recognition: Powers and Hazards of Representation in an Indonesian Society

    Review of: Alan Dundes, Two Tales of Crow and Sparrow: A Freudian Folkloristic Essay on Caste and Untouchability

    Review of: Allyn Miner, Sitar and Sarod in the 18th and 19th Centuries

    Review of: Wulfhild Ziel, Bibliographien zu Slawisch-folkloristischem Schriftgut–ausgewählt aus dem Vorlesungsrepertoire von Vladimir Propp–und zu Slawischer Folklore und Folklore vom Balkan von NikitaI. Tolstoi, Ed.

  • Asian Folklore Studies 57 (2)   +

    Kejadian Manusia: An “histoire” of Malay/Semai Culture Contact

    To Be or Not to Be…: The Cultural Identity of the Jawi (Thailand)

    Fasts, Feasts, and the Slovenly Woman: Strategies of Resistance among North Indian Potter Women

    Sŏngha Sindang: The Tutelary Shrine of T’aeha Village, Ullŭng Island, Korea

    Shamanic Dance in Japan: The Choreography of Possession in Kagura Performance

    The Magicality of the Hyena: Beliefs and Practices in West and South Asia

    Response of: Jason’s Review

    Response of: Naithani’s Review

    Review of: Juha Pentikäinen, Shamanism and Culture

    Review of: Leander Petzoldt, Folk Narrative and World View: Vortäge des 10. Kongresses der Internationalen Gesellschaft für Volkserzählungsforschung

    Review of: Kathrin Pöge-Alder, Märchen als mündlich tradierte Erzählungen des Volkes? Zur Wissenschaftsge­schichte der Entstehungs und Verbreitungstheorien von Volksmarchen von den Brildern Grimm bis zur Mdrchenforschung in der DDR

    Review of: Hiraizumi Kiyoshi 平泉澄, The Story of Japan: History from the Founding of the Nation to the Height of Fujiwara Prosperity

    Review of: Nishiyama Matsunosuke, Edo Culture: Daily Life and Diversions in Urban Japan, 1600–1868

    Review of: Stephen Turnbull, The Kakure Kirishitan of Japan: A Study of Their Development, Beliefs, and Rituals to the Present Day

    Review of: Li Shujiang and Karl W. Luckert., Mythology and Folklore Hui, a Mulslim Chinese People

    Review of: Wu Zongxi, Suzhou pingtan wenxuan, disan ce

    Review of: Zhang Henshui, Shanghai Express: A Thirties Novel

    Review of: Walther Heissig, Götter im Wandel. Gesammelte Aufsätze zum Synkretismus der mongolischen Volksreligion

    Review of: Walther Heissig, Motiv und Wirklichkeit. Gesammelte Aufsätze

    Review of: Caroline Humphrey and Urgunge Onon, Shamans and Elders: Experience, Knowledge, and Power Among the Daur Mongols

    Review of: Gunnar Jarring, The Moen Collection of Eastern Turki (New Uighur) Popular Poetry

    Review of: Andrea Schmitz, Die Erzdhlung von Edige. Gehalt, Genese und Wirkung einer heroischen Tradition

    Review of: Frank J. Korom, Tibetan Culture in the Diaspora: Papers Presented at a Panel of the 7th Seminar of the International Association for Tibetan Studies

    Review of: James Jemut Masing, The Coming of the Gods: An Iban Invocatory Chant (Timang Gawai Amat) of the BalehRiver Region, Sarawak

    Review of: Penny Van Esterik, Women of Southeast Asia

    Review of: Edward O. Henry, Chant the Names of God: Music and Culture in Bhojpuri-Speaking India

    Review of: Barbara Stoler Miller, Love Song of the Dark Lord: Jayadeva’s G‡tagovinda

    Review of: Sumathi Ramaswamy, Passions of the Tongue: Language Devotion in Tamil India, 1891–1970

    Review of: E. Varghese, Applied Ethnobotany: A Case Study Among the Kharias of Central India

    Review of: Jürgen Ehlers, Die Natur in der Bildersprache des Š„hn„me

    Review of: Peter Heath, The Thirsty Sword: Sīrat ‘Antar and the Arabic Popular Epic

  • Asian Folklore Studies 57 (1)   +

    The Metamorphosis of the Kappa: Transformation of Folklore to Folklorism in Japan

    Shashthi’s Land: Folk Nursery Rhyme in Abanindranath Tagore’s The Condensed-Milk Doll

    Rivalry, Reliance, and Resemblance: Siblings as Metaphor for Hindu-Christian Relations in Kerala State

    May You Be Shot With Greasy Bullets: Curse Utterances in Turkish

    Miao Feng Shan

    Mon Music for Thai Deaths: Ethnicity and Status in Thai Urban Funerals

    Obituary: Chen Wulou (1923-1998). Old Questions Discussed Anew On Huaben

    Review of: Clara Brakel, Performing Arts of Asia: The Performer as (Inter) Cultural Transmitter

    Review of: Linda Dégh, Narratives in Society: A Performer-Centered Study of Narration

    Review of: Thomas J. Sienkewicz, World Mythology: An Annotated Guide to Collections and Anthologies

    Review of: Helen Hardacre, Marketing the Menacing Fetus in Japan

    Review of: Jane Marie Law, Puppets of Nostalgia: The Life, Death and Rebirth of the Japanese Awaji Ningyō Tradition

    Review of: Donald McCallum, Zenkōji and Its Icon: A Study in Medieval Japanese Religious Art

    Review of: Jahyun Kim Haboush, The Memoirs of Lady Hyegyŏng: The Autobiographical Writings of a Crown Princess of Eighteenth-Century Korea

    Review of: Deborah Lynn Porter, From Deluge to Discourse: Myth, History, and the Generation of Chinese Fiction

    Review of: Sui Shujin 隨書金, Elunchunzu minjian gushixuan 『鄂倫春族民間故事選』

    Review of: Anthony R. Walker, Mvuh hpa, mi hpa: Creating Heaven, Creating Earth: An Epic Myth of the Lahu People in Yunnan

    Review of: Jianping Wang, Concord and Conflict: The Hui Communities in Yunnan Society in a Historical Perspective

    Review of: Tossa Wajuppa, Phya Khankhaak, The Toad King: A Translation of an Isan Fertility Myth into English Verse

    Review of: Lyne Bansat Boudon, Poétique du théâtre indien: Lectures du N„¦yaš„stra

    Review of: Gabriella Eichinger Ferro-Luzzi, The Taste of Laughter: Aspects of Tamil Humor

    Review of: Lalita Handoo, Structural Analysis of Kashmiri Folktales

    Review of: Basavaraj S. Naikar, The Folk Theatre of North Karnataka

    Review of: P. Marcel Kurpershoek, Oral Poetry and Narratives from Central Arabia 2: The Story of a Desert Knight

    Review of: Gerardo Reichel-Dolmatoff, Yuruparí: Studies of an Amazonian Foundation Myth

    Review of: Helga Teiwes., Hopi Basked Weaving: Artistry in Natural Fibers

  • Asian Folklore Studies 56 (2)   +


    The Goddess Durg„ in the East-Javanese Period

    Offerings to Durga and Pretiwi in Bali

    Sandhang-pangan for the Goddess: Offerings to Sang Hyang Bathari Durga and Nyai Lara Kidul

    Tārā and Nyai Lara Kidul: Images of the Divine Feminine in Java

    Kanjeng Ratu Kidul: The Second Divine Spouse of the Sultans of Ngayogyakarta

    A Princess from Sunda: Some Aspects of Nyai Roro Kidul

    Dewi Sri in Village Garb: Fertility, Myth, and Ritual in Northeast Java

    Beru Dayang: The Concept of Female Spirits and the Movement of Fertility in Karo Batak Culture

    Review of: Kees Epskamp, On Printed Matter and Beyond: Media, Orality and Literacy

    Review of: Irit Averbuch, The Gods Come Dancing: A Study of the Japanese Ritual Dance of Yamabushi Kagura

    Review of: Michiko Iwasaka and Barre Toelken, Ghosts and the Japanese: Cultural Experience in Japanese Death Legends

    Review of: Nelly Naumann, Die Mythen des alten Japan

    Review of: Christal Whelan, The Beginning of Heaven and Earth: The Sacred Book of Japan’s Hidden Christians

    Review of: Choe Kil-Sung 崔吉城, Kankoku minzoku e no shōtai 『韓国民俗への招待』

    Review of: Laurel Kendall, Getting Married in Korea: Of Gender, Morality, and Modernity

    Review of: Johann Frick, Zwischen Himmel und Erde. Riten und Brauchtum in Nordwestchina

    Review of: Claudio Zanier, Where the Roads Met: East and West in the Silk Production Processes (17th to 19th Century)

    Review of: Herminia Meñez, Explorations in Philippine Folklore

    Review of: Laurie J. Sears, Shadows of Empire: Colonial Discourse and Javanese Tales

    Review of: John Stratton Hawley and Donna Marie Wulff, Devī: Goddesses of India

    Review of: R. Parthasarathy, The Cilappatrikāram of Ilankō Atikal: An Epic of South India

    Review of: H. Sidky, Irrigation and State Formation in Hunza: The Anthropology of a Hydraulic Kingdom

    Reviw of: Reply to Frembgen’s Review

    Review of: David B. Edwards, Heroes of the Age: Moral Fault Lines on the Afghan Frontier

  • Asian Folklore Studies 56 (1)   +

    A Turkish Animal Poem by Aşik Ömer

    Professional Storytelling in Modern China: A Case Study of the Yangzhou Pinghua Tradition

    Text and Talk: Classical Literary Tales in Traditional China and the Context of Casual Oral Storytelling

    Geomancy and the Environment in Premodern Taiwan

    An Annotated Chhara Punthi : Nursery Rhymes from Bengal

    The Polythetic Network of Tamil Folk Tales

    On the Extinction of the Japanese Wolf

    Review of: Ruth Finnegan, Oral Poetry: Its Nature, Significance and Social Context

    Review of: Wolfgang Mieder and George B. Bryan, Proverbs in World Literature: A Bibliography

    Review of: Walter Scherf, Das Märchenlexikon

    Review of: Bartlett Jere Whiting, When Evensong and Morrowsong Accord: Three Essays on the Proverb

    Review of: Stephen Addiss, Haiga: Takebe Sōchō and the Haiku-Painting Tradition

    Review of: Sano Kenji 佐野賢治, Taniguchi Mitsugi 谷口貢, Nakagome Mutsuko 中込睦子, and Furuie Shinpei 古家信平, Gendai minzokugaku nyūmon 『現代民俗学入門』

    Review of: Vibeke Børdahl, The Oral Tradition of Yangzhou Storytelling

    Review of: Chan Hok-Lam 陳學霖, Liu Po-wen yü No-chan Ch’eng 『劉伯温逕哪吨城』

    Review of: Paul R. Katz, Demon Hordes and Burning Boats: The Cult of Marshal Wen in Late Imperial Chekiang

    Review of: Adolf Krayer, Als der Osten noch fern war: Reiseerinnerungen aus China und Japan (1860–1869)

    Review of: Ingo Nentwig, Märchen der Völker Nordost-Chinas

    Review of: Boris L’vovich Riftin, Zhongguo shenhua gushi lunji 『中國神話故事論集』

    Review of: Stephen F. Teiser, The Scripture of the Ten Kings and the Making of Purgatory in Medieval Chinese Buddhism

    Review of: J. Lawrence Witzleben, “Silk and Bamboo” Music in Shanghai: The Jiangnan Sizhu Instrumental Ensemble Tradition

    Review of: Wu Zongxi 呉宗錫 et al, Pingtan wenhua cidian 『評彈文化詞典』

    Review of: Damiana Eugenio, Philippine Folk Literature: The Myths

    Review of: András Höfer, A Recitation of the Tamang Shaman in Nepal

    Review of: Gregory G. Maskarinec, The Rulings of the Night: An Ethnography of Nepalese Shaman Oral Texts

    Review of: Martha Bush Ashton-Sikora and Robert P. Sikora, Krishnattam

    Review of: Heidrun Brückner, Lothar Lutze, and Aditya Malik, Flags of Fame: Studies in South Asian Folk Culture

    Review of: R. Srinivasan, Aiyanar’s Domain: Political and Social Conditions and Attitudes in Tamil Folk Literature

    Review of: Joanna Williams, The Two-headed Deer: Illustrations of the Rāmāyana in Orissa

    Review of: Étienne Tiffou, Hunza Proverbs

    Review of: Satu Apo, The Narrative World of Finnish Fairy Tales: Structure, Agency, and Evaluation in Southwest Finnish Folktales

  • Asian Folklore Studies 55 (2)   +

    The Looks of Laozi

    Religious Belief in a Buddhist Merchant Community, Nepal

    The Thây: Masters in Huê, Vietnam

    “Stone Camels and Clear Springs”: The Salar’s Samarkand Origins

    Type- and Motif-Indices 1980–1995: An Inventory

    An Anthology of Sources on Chinese Mythology

    Folklore under Political Pressure

    Obituary: Francisco Radaza Demetrio (1920–1996)

    Review of: Mihály Hoppál and Ádám Molnár, Shaman: An International Journal for Shamanistic Research

    Review of: John Miles Foley, The Singer of Tales in Performance

    Review of: Albert Bates Lord, The Singer Resumes the Tale

    Review of: Gloria Gonick, Splendor of the Dragon: Costumes of the Ryukyu Kingdom

    Review of: Miyata Noboru 宮田登, Takada Mamoru 高田衛, Namazu-e: Shinsai to Nihon bunka 『鯰絵-震災と日本文化』

    Review of: Marshall R. Pihl, The Korean Singer of Tales

    Review of: Boudewijn Walraven, Songs of the Shaman: The Ritual Chants of the Korean mudang

    Review of: Livia Kohn, Laughing at the Tao: Debates among Buddhists and Taoists in Medieval China

    Review of: Lucien Miller, South of the Clouds: Tales from Yunnan

    Review of: Isabelle Robinet, Introductionà l'alchimie intérieure taoïste: De I'unitiet de l’unité et de la multiplicité

    Review of: Shen Congwen, Imperfect Paradise: Twenty-four Stories

    Review of: John Robert Shepherd, Marriage and Mandatory Abortion among the 17th-century Siraya

    Review of: Zhu Liangwen, The Dai or the Tai and Their Architecture and Customs in South China

    Review of: Klaus Koppe, Mongolische Epen XII: Jula aldar Quyan und Uyan mönggun qadayasun

    Review of: Esther Jacobson, The Deer Goddess of Ancient Siberia: A Study in the Ecology of Belief

    Review of: Patricia Moore-Howard, The Iu-Mien: Tradition and Change

    Review of: John Mundahl, Dave Moore, and Yee Chang, A Free People: Our Stories, Our Voices, Our Dreams

    Review of: Lorraine M. Gesick, In the Land of Lady White Blood: Southern Thailand and the Meaning of History

    Review of: Gloria Goodwin Raheja and Ann Grodzins Gold, Listen to the Heron's Words: Reimagining Gender and Kinship in North India

    Review of: Erika Taube, Skazki i predanija altajskih tuvincev; Z. B. Samdan and A. V. Kudijarova, Tuvinskie narodnye skazki

    Review of: Tazim R. Kassam, Songs of Wisdom and Circles of Dance: Hymns of the Satpanth Ismāīlī Muslim Saint, Pīr Shams

    Review of: Liliana Daskalova Perkowski, Doroteja Dobreva, Jordanka Koceva, and Evgenija Miceva, Typenverzeichnis der bulgarischen Volksmärchen

    Review of: Bernard Juillerat, Œdipe chasseur: Une rnythologie du sujet en Nouvelle-Guinée

    Review of: John A. Z’Graggen, Creation through Death or Deception

  • Asian Folklore Studies 55 (1)   +

    Tagore’s Lokashahitya: The Oral Tradition in Bengali Children’s Rhymes

    The Festival of the Nine Emperor Gods in Malaysia: Myth, Ritual, and Symbol

    Legends by the Numbers: The Symbolism of Numbers in the Secret History of the Mongols

    “Suan the Guesser”: A Filipino Doctor Know-All (AT 1641)

    Female Mountain Spirits in Korea: A Neglected Tradition

    The Folklore of Geckos: Ethnographic Data from South and West Asia

    Review of: Ulrika Wolf- Knuts, Nordic Yearbook of Folklore 1993; Nordic Yearbook of Folklore 1994

    Review of: Malcolm Quinn, The Swastika: Constructing the Symbol

    Review of: Amino Yoshihiko 網野善彦, Chūsei o kangaeru: Shokunin to geinō 『中世を考える: 職人と芸能』

    Review of: Scott Clark, Japan: A View from the Bath

    Review of: Horst Siegfried Hennemann, Chasho: Geist und Geschichte der Theorien japanischer Teekunst

    Review of: Izumi Ken 和泉健, Onkai to Nihonjin: Wakayama-ken no warabe uta kenkyū 『音階と日本人―和歌山県のわらべうた研究』

    Review of: Nelly Naumann, Die einheimische Religion Japans: Synkretistische Lehren und religiöse Entwicklungen von der Kamakura―bis zum Beginn der Edo-Zeit

    Review of: Jörg Bäcker, Märchen aus der Mandschurei

    Review of: Terry F. Kleeman, A God's Own Tale: The Book of Transformations of Wenchang, the Divine Lord of Zitong

    Review of: Liu Chih-Wan 劉枝萬, Taiwan no dōkyō to minkan shinkō 『台湾の道教と民間信仰』

    Review of: Nguyen Dinh Tham, Studies on Vietnamese Language and Literature: A Preliminary Bibliography

    Review of: Damrong Tayanin, Being Kammu: My Village, My Life

    Review of: Clemens Wein, Berinareu: The Religious Epic of the Tirurais

    Review of: Alice M. Terada, The Magic Crocodile and Other Folktales from Indonesia

    Review of: Hans Fischer, Geister und Menschen: Mythen, Märchen und neue Geschichten

    Review of: Walther Heissig, Oralität und Schriftlichkeit mongolischer Spielmannsdichtung

    Review of: Walther Heissig, Heldenmärchen versus Heldenepos? Strukturelle Fragen zur Entwicklung altaischer Heldenmärchen

    Review of: Amelie Schenk, Schamanen auf dem Dach der Welt: Trance, Heilung und Initiation in Kleintibet

    Review of: Ruth S. Freed and Stanley A. Freed, Ghosts: Life and Death in North India

    Review of: Natalia Lidova, Drama and Ritual in Early Hinduism

    Review of: Hasan El-Shamy, Folk Traditions of the Arab World: A Guide to Motif Classification

    Review of: David Pinault, Story-Telling Techniques in the Arabian Nights

    Review of: Daniel Martin Varisco, Medieval Agriculture and Islamic Science: The Almanac of a Yemeni Sultan

    Review of: Zhuang Kongshao, The Dragon Boat Festival

  • Asian Folklore Studies 54 (2)   +

    Tradition Content and Narrative Structure in the Hindi Commercial Cinema

    The Last Tiger in East Java: Symbolic Continuity in Ecological Change

    Mountain Gods and Trance Mediums: A Qinghai Tibetan Summer Festival

    Restoring the Epic of Hou Yi

    Yamato-takeru: An “Arthurian” Hero in Japanese Tradition

    The Woman Who Married a Horse: Five Ways of Looking at a Chinese Folktale

    A Common Nomenclature for Traditional Rhymes

    Review of: Alison Rentelen Dundes and Alan Dundes, Folk Law: Essays in the Theory and Practice of Lex Non Scripta

    Review of: Charles F. Keyes, Laurel Kendall, and Helen Hardacre, Asian Visions of Authority: Religion and the Modern States of East and Southeast Asia

    Review of: Luisa Passerini, Memory and Totalitarianism

    Review of: Nicholas Thomas and Caroline Humphrey, Shamanism, History, and the State

    Review of: Reiko Mochinaga Brandon and Barbara B. Stephan, The Japanese New Year: Spirit and Symbol

    Review of: Sawada Minoru, The Origin of Ethnography in Japan: Yanagita Kunio and His Times

    Review of: Kenneth Dean, Taoist Ritual and Popular Cults of Southeast China

    Review of: Monica Drexler, Daoistische Schriftmagie: Interpretationen zu den Schriftamuletten Fu im Daozang.

    Review of: Feng Jicai, The Three-Inch Golden Lotus: A Novel on Footbinding

    Review of: Carolyn Han, Why Snails Have Shells: Minority and Han Folktales of China

    Review of: Walther Heissig, Fragen der mongolischen Heldendichtung, Teil 5. Vorträge des 6: Epensymposiums des Sonderforschungsbereichs 12, Bonn 1988

    Review of: Kevin Stuar, The Teller of Seventy Lies & Other Mongolian Folktales

    Review of: Yang Dao, Hmong at the Turning Point

    Review of: Sommai Premchit and Amphay Dore, The Lan Na Twelve-Month Traditions

    Review of: Niaz Zaman, Princess Kalabati and Other Tales

    Review of: Brenda E. F. Beck, Elder Brothers Story: An Oral Epic of Tamil

    Mary Carroll Smith, The Warrior Code of India's Sacred Song

    Reviw of: Joanne Punzo Waghorne, The Raja's Magic Clothes: Re-Visioning Kingship and Divinity in England's India

    Review of: Ulrich Marzolph and Azar Amirhosseini-Nihammer, Die Erzählungen der Mašdi Galin Hānom / Qessehā-ye Mashdī Galīn Khānom; Ulrich Marzolph, Dāstānhā-ye-širin: Fünfzig persische Volksbüchlein aus der zweiten Hälfte des zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts

    Reviw of: P. Marcel Kurpershoek, Oral Poetry & Narratives from Central Arabia I: The Poetry of ad-Dindān, Bedouin Bard in Southern Najd

  • Asian Folklore Studies 54 (1)   +

    The Stone Baby: A Turkish Lullaby (Nasih Güngör)

    Transfiguration: Man-made Objects as Demons in Japanese Scrolls

    The Social Status of the Yakut Epic Hero

    The Carpenter-Prēta: An Eighteenth-Century Sinhala-Buddhist Folktale about Jesus

    The Tale of Itu: Structure of a Ritual Tale in Context

    Indexing Folk Literature of South American Indians

    Born-again Chinese Religion

    Review of: Rustom Bharucha, Theatre and the World: Performance and the Politics of Culture

    Review of: Kees Epskamp, Learning by Performing Arts: From Indigenous to Endogenous Cultural Development; Ad Boeren and Kees Epskamp, The Empowerment of Culture: Development, communication. and Popular Media

    Review of: Mihály Hoppál and Otto J. von Sadovszky, Shamanism: Past and Present

    Review of: Sitakant Mahapatra, Beyond the Word: The Multiple Gestures of Tradition

    Review of: Wolfgang Mieder and Stuart A. Kingsbury, A Dictionary of Wellerisms

    Review of: C. W. Watson and Roy Ellen, Understanding Witchcraft and Sorcery in Southeast Asia

    Review of: Jane M. Bachnik and Charles J. Quinn Jr., Situated Meaning: Inside and Outside in Japanese Self, Society, and Language

    Review of: Timothy Clark, Ukiyo-e Paintings in the British Museum

    Review of: Ishimaru Shōun 石丸正運, Ōtsu-e: Kaidō ni umareta minga 『大津絵-街道に生まれた民画』

    Review of: Kayano Shigeru, Our Land Was a Forest: An Ainu Memoir

    Review of: Yung-Hee Kim, Songs to Make the Dust Dance: The Ryōjin hishō of Twelfth-Century Japan

    Review of: Arthur H. 'I'hornhill Ш, Six Circles, One Dewdrop: The Religio-Aesthetic World of Komparu Zenchiku

    Review of: Susan C. Tyler, The Cult of Kasuga Seen through Its Art

    Review of: Ronald G. Knapp, Chinese Landscapes: The Village as Place

    Review of: Anthony R. Walker, The Highland Heritage: Collected Essays on Upland North Thailand

    Review of: Mary Margaret Steedly, Hanging without a Rope: Narrative Experience in Colonial and Postcolonial Karoland

    Review of: Silke Herrmann, Kesar-Versionen aus Ladakh

    Review of: Margret H. Case, Heinrich Zimmer: Coming into His Own

    Review of: Kathryn Hansen, Grounds for Play: The Nautankī Theatre of North India

    Review of: Friedrich Seltmann, Schattenspiel in Karnātaka, Süd-Indien

    Review of: Metin Yurtbaşi, A Dictionary of Turkish Proverbs

    Review of: John Minton, "Big 'Fraid and Little "Fraid": An Afro-American Folktale

  • Asian Folklore Studies 53 (2)   +

    Fifteen Years of Folk Song Collection in Japan: Reports and Recordings of the “Emergency Folk Song Survey”

    The Cultural Properties Protection Law and Japan’s Folk Performing Arts

    Tracing Some Mongol Oral Motifs in a Chinese Prosimetric Ming Novel of 1478

    An Ethnobotanical Folktale of the Ao Naga in India

    The Song of Tij: A Genre of Critical Commentary for Women in Nepal

    Folk Narrative Literature in Chinese Nüshu: An Amazing New Discovery

    Cosmology, Myth, and Philosophy in Ancient China: New Studies on the Huainan zi

    Shinto Shrines or Shinto Temples ?

    Review of: Yves Bonnefoy, Asian Mythologies

    Review of: Grant Evans, Asia's Cultnral Mosnic: An Anthropological Introduction

    Review of: Wolfgang Mieder, Proverbs Are Never Out of Season: Popular Wisdom in the Modern Age

    Review of: Takie Sugiyama Lebra, Japanese Social Organization

    Review of: Emiko Ōnuki-Tierney, Rice as Self: Japanese Identities through Time

    Review of: Sōgawa Tsuneo 寒川恒夫, Sumō no uchūron-Juryoku wo hanatsu rikishitachi 『相撲の宇宙論―呪力をはなつ力士たち』

    Review of: Guan Jian, The Indigenous Religion and Theravada Buddhism in Ban Da Tiu: A Dai Lue Village in Yunnan (China)

    Review of: Walther Heissig, Schamanen und Geisterbeschwörer in der östlichen Mongolei: Gesammelte Aufsätze

    Review of: Jean-Paul Dumont, Visayan Vignettes: Ethnographic Traces of a Philippine Island

    Review of: Hazel J. Wrigglesworth, The Maiden of Many Nations: The Skymaiden Who Married a Man from Earth

    Review of: Tayanin Damrong and Kristina Lindell, Hunting and Fishing in a Kammu Village

    Review of: Patricia Matusky, Malaysian Shadow Play and Music: Continuity of an Oral Tradition

    Review of: Tan Sooi Beng, Bangsawan: A Social and Stylistic History of Popular Malay Opera

    Review of: Olivier Sevin, L'lndonisie

    Review of: Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing, In the Realm of the Diamond Queen: Marginality in an Out-of-the-way Place

    Review of: K. Parameswara Aithal, Veda-Laksana Vedic Ancillary Literature: A Descriptive Bibliography

    Review of: Thomas B. Coburn, Encountering the Goddess: A Translation of the Devi-Mdhdtmya and a Study of Its Interpretation

    Review of: Edward Hower, The Pomegranate Princess and Other Tales from India

    Review of: R. K. Narayan, Gods, Demons, and Others

    Review of: Erich Brauer, The Jews of Kurdistan

    Review of: Roger Schroeder, Initiation and Religion: A Case Study from the Wosera of Papua New Guinea

    Review of: Reginetta Haboucha, Types and Motifs of the Judeo-Spanish Folktales

  • Asian Folklore Studies 53 (1)   +

    Review of: Li Wai-Yee, Enchantment and Disenchantment: Love and Illusion in Chinese Literature

    Review of: Po Sung-Nien and David Johnson, Domesticated Deities and Auspicious Emblems: The Iconography of Everyday Life in Village China

    Review of: Gerd Wädow, T'ien-fei hsien-sheng lu: Die Aufzeichnungen von der manifestierten Heiligkeit der Himmelspriniessin. Einleitung, Übersetzung, Kommentar

    Review of: Michael Ashkenazi, Matsuri: Festivals of a Japanese Town

    Review of: Amy Catlin, Selected Reports in Ethnomusicology, Context, and Performance in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam

    Review of: Stan Royal Mumford, Himalayan Dialogue: Tibetan Lamas and Gurung Shamans in Nepal

    Review of: John A. Bowen, Sumatran Politics and Poetics: Gayo History, 1900-1989

    Review of: Wendy Doniger, Purāna Perennis: Reciprocity and Transformation in Hindu and Jaina Texts

    Review of: Ann Grodzins Gold, A Carnival of Parting: The Tales of King Bharthari and King Gopi Chand as Sung and Told by Madhu Natisar Nath of Ghatiyali, Rajasthan

    Review of: John A. Z'graggen, And Thus Became Man and World

    Review of: Joyce Chapman Lebra, Women's Voices in Hawaii

    Omocha: Things to Play (or not to Play) With

    From Protean Ape to Handsome Saint: The Monkey King

    Shamans and Mountain Spirits in Hunza

    Folklore and Folklorism in Kazakhstan

    A Collection of Jaffna Tamil Riddles from Oral Tradition

    Recent PRC Scholarship on Chinese Myths

    Amanita muscaria, the Gorgeous Mushroom

    Review of: Eugene Van Erven, The Playful Revolution: Theatre and Liberation in Asia

    Review of: Michael Aris, Lamas, Princes, and Brigands: Joseph Rock's Photographs of the Tibetan Borderlands of China

  • Asian Folklore Studies 52 (2)   +

    A Turkish Proverb Poem by Serifi

    The Book of the Great Practice: The Life of the Mt. Fuji Ascetic Kakugyō Tōbutsu Kū

    Kaundinya, Preah Thaong, and the “Nāgī Somā”: Some Aspects of a Cambodian Legend

    Icons of the Person: Lacan’s “Imago” in the Yemeni Male’s Tribal Wedding

    A Reference Guide to the Nihonshoki Myths

    Review of: Sandra Dolby Stahl, Literary Folkloristics and the Personal Narrative

    Review of: Andrew Duff-Cooper, Contests

    Review of: Alan Dundes, The Evil Eye: A Casebook

    Review of: Samuel Denis Fohr, Cinderella's Gold Slipper: Spiritual Symbolism in the Grimm's Tales

    Review of: Axel Olrik, Principles for Oral Narrative Research

    Review of: Inada Kōji 稲田浩二, Nihon mukashibanashi tsūkan, vol. 28: Mukashibanashi taipu indekusu 『日本昔話通観 28 昔話タイプ・インデックス』

    Review of: Iwao Sumiko, The Japanese Woman: Traditional Image and Changing Reality

    Review of: Kimishima Hisako 君島久子, Nihon minkandenshō no genryū: Nihon kisōbunka no tankyū 『日本民間伝承の源流―日本基層文化の探求』

    Review of: Shintani Takanori 新谷尚紀, Ryōbosei to takaikan 『両墓制と他界観』

    Review of: John Stevenson, Yoshitoshi's Thirty-Six Ghosts

    Review of: John E. Myers, The Way of the Pipa: Structure and Imagery in Chinese Lute Music

    Review of: Sr. Ma. Delia Coronel, Darangen: In Original Maranao Verses

    Review of: Francisco R. Demetrio, Encyclopedia of Philippine Folk Beliefs and Customs

    Review of: B. J. Terwiel and Ranoo Wichasin, Thai Ahoms and the Stars: Three Ritual Texts to Ward Off Danger

    Review of: Gehan Wijeyewardene and E. C. Chapman, Patterns and Illusions: Thai History and Thought

    Review of: Philip Lutgendorf, The Life of a Text: Performing the Rāmacaritmānas of Tulsidas

    Review of: Helga Teiwes, Kachina Dolls: The Art of Hopi Carvers

  • Asian Folklore Studies 52 (1)   +


    The Sāfah as a Narrative Genre

    Heartbeat: Conventionality and Originality in Najdi Poetry

    Metrical Problems of the Contemporary Bedouin Qasīda: A Linguistic Approach

    Debate in the Improvised-Sung Poetry of the Palestinians

    The Agricultural Marker Stars in Yemeni Folklore

    Bengali Folk Rhymes: An Introduction

    Runs in Folktales and Dynamics of Turkish Runs: A Case Study

    Banana Republics and V. I. Degrees: Rethinking Indian Folklore in a Postcolonial World

    Obituary: Mamitua Saber (1922-1992)

    Review of: Alan Dundes and Carl R. Pagter, Never Try to Teach a Pig to Sing: Still More Urban Folklore from the Paperwork Empire

    Review of: Ruth-Inge Heinze and others, Shamans in the 20th Century

    Review of: Werner Mezger, Narrenided und Fastnachtsbrauch: Studien zum Fortleben des Mittelalters in der europäischen Festkultur

    Review of: Marilyn F. Nefsky, Stone Houses and Iron Bridges: Tradition and the Place of Women in Contemporary Japan

    Review of: Hartmut 0.Rotermund, Hōsōgami ou la petite vérole aisément: Matériaux pour l’étude des épidémies dans le Japon des XVIIIe, XIXe siècles

    Review of: Can Xue, Old Floating Cloud: Two Novellas

    Review of: Yen Ping-Chiu, Chinese Demon Tales: Meanings and Parallels in Oral Tradition

    Review of: Norbert R. Adami, Religion und Schamanismus der Ainu auf Sachalin: Ein Beitrag zur histo-rischen Völkerkunde Ostasiens

    Review of: Roberte Hamayon, La chasse à l'âme: Esquisse d'une théorie du chamanisme sibérien

    Review of: Jane Monnig Atkinson, The Art and Politics of Wana Shamanism

    Review of: Alf Hiltebeitel, The Cult of Draupadī 2: On Hindu Ritual and the Goddess

    Review of: Heda Jason, Types of Indic Oral Tales: Supplement

    Review of: Paula Richman, Many Rāmāyanas: The Diversity of a Narrative Tradition in South Asia

    Review of: John D. Smith, The Epic of Pābūji: A Study, Transcription and Translation

    Review of: Deborah A. Soifer, The Myths of Narasimha and Vāmana: Two Avatars in Cosmological Perspective

    Review of: Mahrukh Yousuf, Musical Instruments of Pakistan; Mahrukh Yousuf, Folk Motifs of Pakistan; Mahrukh Yousuf, Wood Works of Pakistan

    Review of: Ulrich Marzolph, Arabia ridens: Die humoristische Kurzprosa der frühen adab-Literatur im internationalen Traditionsgeflecht

    Review of: Saad A. Sowayan, The Arabian Oral Historical Narrative: An Ethnographic and Linguistic Analysis

  • Asian Folklore Studies 51 (2)   +

    Women in Japanese Proverbs

    Martyred Child of God

    The Accommodation of Korean Folk Religion to the Religious Forms of Buddhism: An Example of Reverse Syncretism

    Folklore Concerning Tsong-kha-pa

    Karakunuz: An EarlySettlement of the Chinese Muslims in Russia

    Thai Cremation Volumes: A Brief History of a Unique Genre of Literature

    Scandalizing the Goddess at Kodungallur

    Mongol Creation Stories: Mans, Mongol Tribes, the Natural World, and Mongol Deities

    Review of: Michael A. DeMarco, Journal of Asian Martial Arts

    Review of: John Miles Foley, Immanent Art: From Structure to Meaning in Traditional Oral Epic

    Review of: Morten Nøjgaard, Johan De Lylius, Iøren Piø, Bengt Holbek, The Telling of Stories: Approaches to a Traditional Craft

    Review of: Diane Tong, Gypsy Folktales

    Review of: Richard Zgusta, Dwelling Space in Eastern Asia

    Review of: Margaret Helen Childs, Rethinking Sorrow: Revelatory Tales of Late Medieval Japan

    Review of: Konishi Jinichi, A History of Japanese Literature

    Review of: Ronald A. Morse, Yanagita Kunio and the Folklore Movement: The Search for Japan's National Character and Distinctiveness

    Review of: Nelly Naumann, Die einheimische Religion Japans

    Review of: Benito Ortolani, The Japanee Theatre: From Shamanistic Ritual to Contemporary Pluralism

    Review of: Barbara Ruch, Mō hitotsu no chūseizō: Bikuni, otogizōshi, raise 『もう一つの中世像: 比丘尼・御伽草子・来世』

    Review of: Anne Walthall, Peasant Uprisings in Japan: A Critical Anthology of Peasant Histories

    Review of: Keith Howard, Bands, Songs, and Shamsnistic Rituals: Folk Music in Korean Society

    Review of: Fred Jeremy Seligson, Oriental Birth Dreams

    Review of: Anne S. Goodrich, Peking Paper Gods: A Look at Home Worship

    Review of: Nahal Tajadod, Mani le Bouddha de Lumière: Catéchisme manichéen chinois

    Review of: Taro Goh, Sumba Bibliography

    Review of: Klaus Sagaster and Helmut Eimer, Religion and Lay Symbolism in the Altaic World and Other Papers

    Review of: Joyce Burkhalter Flueckiger and Laurie J. Sears, Boundaries of the Text: Epic Performances in South and Southeast Asia

    Review of: Farley P. Richmond, Darius L. Swann, and Philipp B. Zarilli, Indian Theatre: Traditions of Performance

    Review of: Monika Thiel-Horstmann, Rāmāyana and Rāmāyanas

  • Asian Folklore Studies 51 (1)   +

    A Turkish yemek destani (food poem)

    A Tokyo Shrine Revisited

    Waiting for a Thunderbolt

    From Folklore to Literate Theater: Unpacking Madame White Snake

    Death and Funerals among the Minhe Tu (Monguor)

    Indigenization of Rāmāyana in Cambodia

    Of Navels and Mountains: A Further Inquiry into the History of an Idea

    Review of: Ernest Brandewie, When Giants Walked the Earth: The Life and Times of Wilhelm Schmidt SVD

    Review of: Burt Feintuch, The Conservations of Culture: Folklorists and the Public Sector

    Review of: David D. Gilmore, Manhood in the Making: Cultural Concepts of Masculinity

    Review of: Heda Jason, Whom Does God Favor: The Wicked or the Righteous? The Reward-and- Punishment Fairy Tale

    Review of: Wolfgang Mieder, International Proverb Scholarship: An Annotated Bibliography

    Review of: Fujiwara Yoichi, Chūgoku, Shikoku, Kinki, Kyūshū hōgen jōtai no hōgenchirigakuteki kenkyū 『中国四国近畿九州方言状態の方言地理学的研究』

    Review of: Brian Moeran, Language and Popular Culture in Japan

    Review of: Herbert E. Plutschow, Chaos and Cosmos: Ritual in Early and Medieval Japanese Literature

    Review of: Ann Yonemura, Yokohama: Prints from Nineteenth-Century Japan

    Review of: John S. Rohsenow, A Chinese-English Dictionary of Enigmatic Folk Similes (Xiehouyu)

    Review of: Ann Waltner, Getting an Heir: Adoption and the Construction of Kinship in Late Imperial China

    Review of: Gehan Wijeyewardene, Ethnic Groups across National Boundaries in Mainland Southeast Asia

    Review of: Wajuppa Tossa, Phādāēng Nāng Ai: A Translation of a Thai-Isan Folk Epic in Verse

    Review of: Peter Metcalf, Where Are You/Spirits: Style and Theme in Berawan Prayer

    Review of: Walther Heissig and Klaus Sagaster, Gedanke und Wirkung: Festschrift für Nikolaus Poppe zum 90. Geburtstag

    Review of: Walther Heissig, Erzählstoffe rezenter mongolischer Heldendichtung

    Review of: Suzanne Hanchett, Coloured Rice: Symbolic Structure in Hindu Festivals

    Review of: Micha Joseph Bin Gorion, Mimekor Yisrael

    Review of: Aage A. Hansen-Löve, Der russische Symbolismus: System und Entfaltung der poetischen Motive

  • Asian Folklore Studies 50 (2)   +

    Woman as Portrayed in Women's Folk Songs of North India

    Proverbs as Psychological Interpretations among Vietnamese

    Near-Death Folklore in Medieval China and Japan: A Comparative Analysis

    Obituary: Fanny Hagin Mayer (1899-1990)

    Review of: Kees P. Epskamp, Theatre in Search of Social Change: The Relative Significance of Different Theatrical Approaches

    Review of: Himeno Midori 姫野翠, Geinō no jinruigaku 『芸能の人類学』

    Review of: Wolfgang Mieder, Tradition and Innovation in Folk Literature

    Review of: Richard M. Swiderski, Lives between Cultures: A Study of Human Nature, Identity and Culture

    Review of: Leea Virtanen, "That Must Have Been ESP!" An Examination of Psychic Experiences

    Review of: David Gordon White, Myths of the Dog-Man

    Review of: Harald Haarmann, Symbolic Values of Foreign Language Use

    Review of: Heinz Morioka and Miyoko Sasaki, Rakugo, the Popular Narrative Art of Japan

    Review of: Peter H. Lee, A Korean Storyteller's Miscellany

    Review of: Robert Joe Cutter, The Brush and the Spur: Chinese Culture and the Cockfight

    Review of: Catherine Despeux, La moelle du phénix rouge

    Review of: Ma Xueyi 馬学義 and Ma Chengjun 馬成俊, Salazu fengsuzhi 『撒拉族風俗誌』; Han Fude 轄福徳, Salazu minjian gushi 『撒拉族民間故事』; Han Fude 轄福徳, Minjian geyao 『民間歌謡』; Han Fude 轄福徳, Minjian yanyu 『民間諺語』

    Review of: Yukiko Bischof-Okubo, Übernatürliche Wesen im Glauben der Altvölker Taiwans

    Review of: The Vietnamese Institute of Archaeology and the Department for International Cooperation of the Social Science Committee of Viet Nam, Dong Son Drums in Viet Nam

    Review of: Kristina Lindell, Jan-Öjvind Swahn, and Damrong Tayanin, Folk Tales from Kammu-IV: A Master-Teller's Tales

    Review of: Georges Condominas, From Lawa to Mon, from Saa' to Thai

    Review of: R. L. Mellema, Wayang Puppets: Carving, Colouring, Symbolism

    Review of: V. N. Basilov, Drevnie obryady verovaniya i kul'ty narodov Sredneĭ Azii

    Review of: Rudolf Kaschewsky and Pema Tsering, Die Eroberung der Burg von Sum-Pa

    Review of: Chaitanya Deva, Musical Instruments in Sculpture in Karnataka

    Review of: Stefan Fuchs, Das Leben ist ein Tanz

    Review of: Ruth Cecily Katz, Arjuna in the Mahābhārata: Where Krishna Is, There Is Victory

    Review of: Velcheru Narayana Rao, Śiva’s Warriors: The Basava Purāna of Pālkuriki Somanātha

  • Asian Folklore Studies 50 (1)   +

    Folklore, Politics, and Nationalism

    Politics and Folktale in the Classical World

    Tungus Literary Language

    Concerning the Traditional Understanding of "Folk Culture" in the German Democratic Republic: A Scholarly-Historical Retrospective

    The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft and the Umbrella Organizations of German Volkskunde during the Third Reich

    National Socialistic Folklore and Overcoming the Past in the Federal Republic of Germany

    Momotarō (The Peach Boy) and the Spirit of Japan: Concerning the Function of a Fairy Tale in Japanese Nationalism of the Early Shōwa Age

    Cultural Metaphors and Reasoning: Folklore Scholarship and Ideology in Contemporary China

    Thoughts on Ebersole's Allegations

    Review of: Christie Davies, Ethnic Humor around the World: A Comparative Analysis

    Review of: Glenys Davies, Polytheistic Systems

    Review of: Alan Dundes, Folklore Matters

    Review of: Alan Dundes, Cinderella: A Casebook; Alan Dundes, Little Red Riding Hood: A Casebook

    Review of: James Jakób Liszka, The Semiotic of Myth: A Critical Study of the Symbol

    Review of: Marianne Rumpf, Rotkäppchen: Eine vergleichende Märchenuntersuchung

    Review of: Michael Jeremy and M. E. Robinson, Ceremony and Symbolism in the Japanese Home

    Review of: Clark W. Sorensen, Over the Mountains are Mountains: Korean Peasant Households and Their Adaptation to Rapid Industrialization

    Review of: David Johnson, Ritual Opera, Operatic Ritual

    Review of: Ronald C. Knapp, China's Vernacular Architecture: House Form and Culture

    Review of: Alice M. Terada, Under the Starfruit Tree: Folktales from Vietnam

    Review of: José Maceda, Drone and Melody: Musical Thought in Southeast Asia

    Review of: Martin Rössler, Die soziale Realität des Rituals

    Review of: Roxana Waterson, The Living House: An Anthropology of Architecture in South-East Asia

    Review of: Galen Rowell, My Tibet. By His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet

    Review of: Stuart H. Blackburn, Peter J. Claus, Joyce B. Flueckiger, and Susan S. Wadley, Oral Epics in India

    Review of: Stephen Fuchs, The Korkus of the Vindhya Hills

    Review of: Alf Hiltebeitel, The Cult of Draupadī, 1. Mythologies: From Gingee to Kuruksetra

    Review of: Kirin Narayan, Storytellers, Saints, and Scoundrels: Folk Narrative in Hindu Religious Teaching

    Review of: Herman W. Tull, The Vedic Origins of Karma. Cosmos as Man in Ancient Indian Myth and Ritual

    Review of: Haim Schwarzbaum and Eli Yassif, Jewish Folklore between East and West

  • Asian Folklore Studies 49 (2)   +

    A Turkish Lullaby

    Wedding, Etiquette, and Traditional Songs of the Minhe Region Tu

    New Material on East Mongolian Shamanism

    Sri and Sedana and Sita and Rama: Myths of Fertility and Generation

    An Alternative to the Sati Model: Perceptions of a Social Reality in Folklore

    Malang, Sufis, and Mystics: An Ethnographic and Historical Study of Shamanism in Afghanistan

    Changing Patterns of Architecture and Symbolism among the Sa'dan Toraja (Indonesia)

    Review of: Victor Raskin, Humor: International Journal of Humor Research

    Review of: Garry Chick, Play and Culture.

    Review of: Gillian Bennett, Paul S. Smith, and John D. A. Widdowson, Perspectives on Contemporary Legend 2; Gillian Bennett and Paul S. Smith, Monsters with Iron Teeth; Gillian Bennett and Paul S. Smith, The Questing Beast

    Review of: Hilda Ellis Davidson, The Seer in Celtic and Other Traditions

    Review of: Carl Lindahl, Earnest Games: Folkloric Patterns in the Canterbury Tales

    Review of: Rosemary Lévy Zumwalt, American Folklore Scholarship: A Dialogue of Dissent

    Review of: H. Byron Earhart, Gedatsu-kai and Religion in Contemporary Japan: Returning to the Center

    Review of: Walter Edwards, Modern Japan through its Weddings

    Review of: François Macé, Kojiki shinwa no kōzō 『古事記神話の構造』

    Review of: Can Xue, Dialogues in Paradise

    Review of: Hans Egli, Mirimiringan: Die Mythen und Märchen der Paiwan

    Review of: Gail Oman King, The Story of Hua Guan Suo

    Review of: Zhao Zongfu 趙宗福, Huaer tonglun 『花?通論』; Zhou Juangu 周娟姑 and Zhang Gengyou 張更有, Qinghai chuantong minjian gegu jingxuan 『青海伝統民間歌曲精選』

    Review of: I. M. Suslov, Karl H. Menges, Materialien zum Schamanismus der Ewenki-Tungusen an der mittleren und unteren Tunguska

    Review of: Antoon Postma, Annotated Mangyan Bibliography 1570-1988

    Review of: Friedrich Seltmann, Die Kalang: Eine Volksgruppe von Java und ihre Stamm-Mythe

    Review of: Walter O. Kaelber, Tapta-Marga: Asceticism and Initiation in Vedic India

    Review of: June McDaniel, The Madness of the Saints: Ecstatic Religion in Bengal

    Review of: Indira Viswanathan Peterson, Poems to Śiva: The Hymns of the Tamil Saints

    Review of: Traude Pillai-Vetschera, Indische Märchen: Der Prinz aus der Mangofrucht

    Review of: Arvind Sharma, Ajit Ray, Alaka Hejib, and Katherine K. Young, Sati: Historical and Phenomenological Essays

    Review of: Kamil V. Zvelebil, Two Tamil Folktales: The Story of King Matanakāma, The Story of the Peacock Rāvana

    Review of: Sherry B. Ortner, High Religion: A Cultural and Political History of Sherpa Buddhism

    Review of: George Van Driem, A Grammar of Limbu

    Review of: W. L. Heston and Mumtaz Nasir, The Bazaar of the Storytellers

  • Asian Folklore Studies 49 (1)   +

    Liminal Experiences of Miyako Shamans: Reading a Shaman’s Diary

    The Xunhua Sala

    Divinity and Salvation: The Great Goddesses of China

    Study of Israelite and Jewish Oral and Folk Literature: Problems and Issues

    A Legend of the Subanen "Buklog"

    Obituary: Wolfram Eberhard (1909-1989)

    Review of: Klaus Beitl and Eva Kausel, Methoden der Dokumentation zur Gegenwartsvolkskunde

    Review of: Philip V. Bohlman, The Study of Folk Music in the Modern World

    Review of: Ching-I Tu, Tradition and Creativity

    Review of: Georges Dumézil, The Destiny of a King

    Review of: Theodore C. Bestor, Neighborhood Tokyo

    Review of: Stewart Elliott Guthrie, A Japanese New Religion: Risshō Kōsei-kai in a Mountain Hamlet*

    Review of: H. D. Harootunian, Things Seen and Unseen

    Review of: Edward Kamens, The Three Jewels

    Review of: Katsu Kokichi, Musui's Story

    Review of: Josef A. Kyburz, Cultes et croyances au Japon

    Review of: Livia Köhn, Seven Steps to the Tao: Sima Chengzhen's Zuowanglun

    Review of: Walther Heissig, Fragen der mongolischen Heldendichtung

    Review of: Morris Rossabi, Khubilai Khan

    Review of: Saveros Pou, Guirlande de Cpāp'

    Review of: Amin Sweeney, A Full Hearing

    Review of: Tan Chee Beng, The Baba of Melaka: Culture and Identity of a Chinese Peranakan Community in Malaysia

    Review of: Stuart H. Blackburn, Singing of Birth and Death

    Review of: Robert Deliège, Les Paraiyars du Tamil Nadu

    Review of: Paula Richman, Women, Branch Stories, and Religious Rhetoric in a Tamil Buddhist Text

    Review of: Richard M. Swiderski, The Blood Weddings

    Review of: Anthony R. Walker, The Toda of South India

    Review of: Yitzhak Avishur, Women's Folk Songs in Judaeo-Arabic from Jews in Iraq

    Review of: Heda Jason, Folktales of the Jews of Iraq

    Review of: Karl Von Den Steinen, Marquesan Myths

    Review of: Ellen B. Basso, In Favor of Deceit

  • Asian Folklore Studies 48 (2)   +

    A Proverb Poem by Levni

    Childhood and Newar Tradition: Chittadhar Hrdaya's Jhī Macā

    Of Gods, Trees and Boundaries: Divine Conservation in Rajasthan

    Chinese Mythology in the Context of Hydraulic Society

    The Grand Cañao: Ethnic and Ritual Dilemmas in an Upland Philippine Tourist Festival

    Tokyo Monogatari

    Aspect of Dual Symbolic Classification: Right and Left in a Japanese Kyū-Dōjō

    Review of: Klaus Beitl, Gegenwartsvolkskunde und Jugendkultur

    Review of: Kendall Blanchard and Alyce Taylor Cheska, The Anthropology of Sport: An Introduction

    Review of: Alan Dundes, Parsing Through Customs

    Review of: Alan Dundes, The Flood Myth

    Review of: William A. Graham, Beyond the Written Word

    Review of: Emily Lyle, Duality

    Review of: Emily Lyle, Kingship

    Review of: Charles Macdonald, De la hutte au palais

    Review of: Dietz Rüdiger Moser, Fastnacht-Fasching-Karneval

    Review of: Klaus Antoni, Miwa–der heilige Trank

    Review of: Laurel Kendall and Griffin Dix, Religion and Ritual in Korean Society

    Review of: Mamitua Saber and Ma. Delia Coronel, Darangen

    Review of: Jutta Daszenies, Geistervorstellungen im javanischen Überzeugungssystem

    Review of: Ward Keeler, Javanese Shadow Plays, Javanese Selves

    Review of: Lawrence A. Babb, Redemptive Encounters

    Review of: Katherine P. Ewing, Sharī'at and Ambiguity in South Asian Islam

    Review of: Ann Grodzins Gold, Fruitful Journeys

    Review of: Paul Hockings, Counsel from the Ancients

    Review of: Nita Kumar, The Artisans of Banaras

    Review of: Jerome W. Clinton, The Tragedy of Sohráb and Rostám from the Persian National Epic, the Shahname of Abol-Qasem Ferdowsi

    Review of: Bridget Connelly, Arab Folk Epic and Identity

  • Asian Folklore Studies 48 (1)   +

    Folklore and Folklife of Thailand: Foreword

    Different Family Roles, Different Interpretations of Thai Folktales

    The Jataka Stories and Laopuan: Worldview

    Relevance of the Textual and Contextual Analyses in Understanding Folk Performance in Modern Society: A Case of Southern Thai Shadow Puppet Theatre

    Hmong Religion

    Mental Template: The Case of the Tai Lao Pha Sin

    Cultures and Sports Preference

    The "Ālu Kurumba Rāmāyana": The Story of Rāma as Narrated by a South Indian Tribe

    The Calendar of Village Festivals: Japan

    Review of: D. L. Ashliman, A Guide to Folktales in the English Language: Based on the Aarne-Thompson Classification System

    Review of: John Miles Foley, The Theory of Oral Composition

    Review of: John Miles Foley, Comparative Research on Oral Traditions: A Memorial for Milman Parry

    Review of: Reimund Kvideland and Rorum Selberg, Papers III and IV: The 8th Congress for the International Society for Folk Narrative Research

    Review of: Kurosawa Fumiko, Pfauendarstellungen in Kunst und Kunstgewerbe Japans

    Review of: Laurel Kendall, The Life and Hard Times of a Korean Shaman

    Review of: Janice R. MacKinnon and Stephen R. MacKinnon, Agnes Smedley

    Review of: Thonevath Pou, Wolfgang Ulland, and Guechse Yim, Kambodschanische Kultur, No. 2, 1988

    Review of: Penelope Graham, Iban Shamanism

    Review of: Wanni Wibulswasdi Anderson, Phun Thin-Phun Than: Miti Mai Khong Katichonwittaya Lae Withi Chiwit Saman Khong Phun Ban-Phun Muang

    Review of: Jean Mulholland, Medicine, Magic and Evil Spirits

    Review of: Daniel Dubuisson, La légende royale dans l'Inde ancienne, Rāma et le Rāmāyana

    Review of: Lee Siegel, Laughing Matters: Comic Tradition in India

    Review of: Charlotte Vaudeville, Bārahmāsā in Indian Literatures

    Review of: Sekundar Amanolahi and W. M. Thackston, Tales from Luristan (Matalyā Lurissu)

    Review of: Gail Kligman, The Wedding of the Dead

  • Asian Folklore Studies 47 (2)   +

    The Impact of Tourism on Japanese Kyōgen: Two Case Studies

    Mirror of Auras: Chen Tuan on Physiognomy

    Sohar: Childbirth Songs of Joy

    Shamanism in Bangladesh

    Torii–Japanese Shrine Gates: A Call for Cooperation

    Review of: Wolfgang Mieder, Proverbium: Yearbook of International Proverb Scholarship

    Review of: Wolfgang Mieder, Disenchantments: An Anthology of Modern Fairy Tale Poetry

    Review of: Ōbayashi Taryō 大林太良, Shinwa no keifu- Nihon shinwa no genryū o saguru 『神話の系譜-日本神話の源流をさぐる』

    Review of: Ōbayashi Taryō 大林太良, Araki Hiroyuki 荒木博之 et al. , Minkan setsuwa no kenkyū–Nihon to sekai (Seki Keigo hakase beiju kinen ronbun shū) 『民間説話の研究-日本と世界 (関敬吾博士米寿記念論文集) 』

    Review of: Emiko Ohnuki-Tierney, The Monkey as Mirror: Symbolic Transformations in Japanese History and Ritual

    Review of: C. Ouwehand, Hateruma: Socio-Religious Aspects of a South Ryukyuan Island Culture

    Review of: Royall Tyler, Japanese Tales

    Review of: Judith M. Boltz, A Survey of Taoist Literature, Tenth to Seventeenth Centuries

    Review of: Malon K. Hom, Songs of Gold Mountain: Cantonese Rhymes from Sun Francisco Chinatown

    Review of: Liu Mau-Tsai, Der Tiger mit dem Rosenkranz: Rätsel aus China

    Review of: Stephen R. Mackinnon and Oris Friesen, China Reporting: An Oral History of American Journalism in the 1940s

    Review of: P. Steven Sangren, History and Magical Power in a Chinese Community

    Review of: Karl Reichl, Rawšan: Ein usbekisches mündliches Epos

    Review of: Solange Thierry, Le Cambodge des contes

    Review of: Viggo Brun and Trond Schumacher, Traditional Herbal Medicine in Northern Thailand

    Review of: Philip L. Thomas, Like Tigers Around a Piece of Meat

    Review of: James J. Fox, To Speak in Pairs

    Review of: Hank Heifetz and Velcheru Narayana Rao, For the Lord of the Animals–Poems from the Telugu

    Review of: Eveline Meyer, Ankālaparamēcuvari: A Goddess of Tamilnadu, Her Myths and Cult

    Review of: Hilde Link, Der Olofat-Zyklus in der Erzähltradition Mikronesiens

  • Asian Folklore Studies 47 (1)   +

    The Social World and Play Life of Thai Muslim Adolescents

    The Thai Menora in Malaysia: Adapting to the Penang Chinese Community

    The Place of Animism within Popular Buddhism in Cambodia: The Example of the Monastery

    Spirits of the Earth and Spirits of the Water: Chthonic Forces in the Mountains of West Java

    The Monsoon Festival Teej in Rajasthan

    Northists and Southists: A Folklore of Kerala Christians

    Dr. Ambedkar: The Hero of the Mahars, Ex-Untouchables of India

    Yasukuni-Jinja and Folk Religion: The Problem of Vengeful Spirits

    Mura-zakai–The Japanese Village Boundary and its Symbolic Interpretation

    May Fourth Intellectuals and Chinese Folk Literature

    Review of: Anthony R. Walker, Contribution to Southeast Asian Ethnography

    Review of: Umesao Tadao 梅棹忠夫 and Moriya Takeshi 守屋毅, Matsuri wa kamigami no pafōmansu: geinō o meguru nihon to higashi ajia 『祭りは神々のパフォーマンス–芸能をめぐる日本と東アジア』

    Review of: Anne Walthall, Social Protest and Popular Culture in Eighteenth-Century Japan

    Review of: Isidor Levin, Märchen vom Dach der Welt: Überlieferungen der Pamirvölker

    Review of: Maria Luisa Lumicao-Lora, Gaddang Literature

    Review of: Richard Davis, Muang Metaphysics

    Review of: Gehan Wijeyewardene, Place and Emotion in Northern Thai Ritual Behavior

    Review of: Roland Werner, Bomoh/Dukun: The Practices and Philosophies of the Traditional Malay Healer; Roland Werner,Bomoh-Poyang: Traditional Medicine and Ceremonial Art of the Aborigines of Malaysia

    Review of: Rita Smith Kipp and Susan Rodgers, Indonesian Religions in Transition

    Review of: Robert Wessing, The Soul of Ambiguity: The Tiger in Southeast Asia

    Review of: Carsten Bregenhøj, RgVeda as the Key to Folklore

    Review of: Donna M. Wulff, Drama as a Mode of Religious Realization

    Review of: Padraic Colum, Legends of Hawaii

    Review of: Haim Schwarzbaum, Biblical and Extra-Biblical Legends in Islamic Folk-Literature

    Review of: Colin Quigley, Close to the Floor: Folk Dance in Newfoundland

  • Asian Folklore Studies 46 (2)   +

    Baithak: Exorcism in Peshawar (Pakistan)

    Metaphor and Illness Classification in Traditional Thai Medicine

    Demons or Deities?–The Wangye of Taiwan

    The Spirit-Captives of Japan's North Country: Nineteenth Century Narratives of the Kamikakushi

    The Father, the Son and the Ghoulish Host: A Fairy Tale in Early Sanskrit?

    "Folk Literature Run by the Folk ": A New Development in the People's Republic of China

    Tun-huang Popular Narratives

    Review of: John Miles Foley, Oral Tradition

    Review of: Barbara A. Babcock, Guy Monthan, and Doris Monthan, The Pueblo Storyteller

    Review of: James R. Dow and Rolf W. Brednich, Internationale Volkskundliche Bibliographie/International Folklore Bibliography/Bibliographie Internationale d'Ethnographie für die Jahre 1981 und 1982 mit Nachträgen für die vorausgehenden Jahre

    Review of: Vladimir Propp, Theory and History of Folklore

    Review of: Stephen Field, Tian Wen: A Chinese Book of Origin

    Review of: Christian Jochim, Chinese Religions

    Review of: Hubert Seiwert, Volksreligion und nationale Tradition in Taiwan: Studien zur regionalen Religionsgeschichte einer chinesischen Provinz

    Review of: Robert P. Weller, Unities and Diversities in Chinese Religion

    Review of: Anne-Victoire Charrin, Le petit monde du Grand Corbeau

    Review of: Walther Heissig, Fragen der mongolischen Heldendichtung

    Review of: Vicente Marasingan, A Banahaw Guru: Symbolic Deeds of Agapito Illustrisimo

    Review of: Brenda Johns and David Strecker, The Hmong World 1

    Review of: Terry E. Miller, Traditional Music of the Lao: Kaen Playing and Mawlum Singing in Northeast Thailand

    Review of: Roland Mischung, Religion und Wirklichkeitsvorstellungen in einem Karen-Dorf Nordwest-Thailands

    Review of: Aroonrut Wichienkeeo and Gehan Wijeyewardene, The Laws of King Mangrai (Mangrayathammasart)

    Review of: Wolfgang Marschall, Der grosse Archipel: Schweizer ethnologische Forschungen in Indonesien

    Review of: S. A. Niessen, Motifs of Life in Toba Batak Texts and Textiles

    Review of: William G. Archer, Songs for the Bride

    Review of: Brenda E. F. Beck, Peter J. Claus, Praphulladatta Goswami, and Jawaharlal Handoo, Folktales of India

    Review of: Friedrich Seltmann, Schattenspiel in Kerala

    Review of: Soumen Sen, Folklore in North-East India

    Review of: Jan Kappert, Islamic Legends, Histories of the Heroes, Saints and Prophets of Islam

    Review of: Richard M. Swiderski, Voices: An Anthropologist's Dialogue With an Italian-American Festival

  • Asian Folklore Studies 46 (1)   +

    From the Editor

    Miyako Theology: Shamans' Interpretation of Traditional Beliefs

    Cultural Tensions as Factors in the Structure of a Festival Parade

    The Swan-Maiden Revisited: Religious Significance of "Divine-Wife" Folktales with Special Reference to Japan

    Paniya Riddles

    The Fairy Girl and the Shepherd: A Turkish Ballad

    Review of: Wolfgang Brückner and Klaus Beitl, Volkskunde als akademische Disziplin

    Review of: Pack Carnes, Fable Scholarship

    Review of: Martin S. Day, The Many Meanings of Myth

    Review of: Edward Shils, Tradition

    Review of: Archer Taylor, The Proverb and An Index to "The Proverb"

    Review of: Helen Hardacre, The Religion of Japan's Korean Minority: The Preservation of Ethnic Identity

    Review of: James Huntley Grayson, Early Buddhism and Christianity in Korea

    Review of: Laurel Kendall and Mark Peterson, Korean Women

    Review of: Kubo Noritada 窪徳忠, Dōkyō no kamigami 『道教の神々』

    Review of: Shao Wen Liang 邵文良, Chūgoku kodai no spōtsu 『中国古代のスポーツ』

    Review of: Walther Heissig, Tsakhar-Märchen

    Review of: Linda Wai Ling Young, Shan Chrestomathy

    Review of: Tan Chee-Beng, The Development and Distribution of Dejiao Associations in Malaysia and Singapore

    Review of: Christiane Franke-Benn, Die Wayangwelt: Namen und Gestalten im javanischen Schattenspiel; Friedrich Seltmann, Schattenspiel und Marionettenspiel in Savantvadi

    Review of: Mahipal Bhuriya, Folk-Songs of the Bhils

    Review of: J. L. Brockington, Righteous Rāma

    Review of: Charles Capwell, The Music of the Bauls of Bengal

    Review of: Franklin Edgerton, The Elephant-Lore of the Hindus

    Review of: Onkar Prasad, Santal Music

    Review of: P.Solomon Raj, A Christian Folk-Religion in India

    Review of: John LeRoy, Kewa Tales; John LeRoy, Fabricated World

    Review of: Julia E. Miller, Modern Greek Folklore: An Annotated Bibliography


  • Asian Folklore Studies 45 (2)   +

    Feminine Motifs in Bodhidharma Symbology in Japan

    Reflections Upon a Brick Wall, Dillweed, Mugwort Bread and Californian Car-Lore

    On Human Values in Philippine Epics

    A Textbook of Physiognomy: The Tradition of the Shenxiang quanbian

    A Parallel Motif in Lepcha and Barela-Bhilala Mythology

    Triplicated Triplets: The Number Nine in the Secret History of the Mongols

    Review of: Alan Dundes, Sacred Narrative: Readings in the Theory of Myth

    Review of: Benjamin Goldberg, The Mirror and Man

    Review of: Matti Kuusi, Proverbia Septentrionalia

    Review of: Paul Smith, Perspectives on Contemporary Legend

    Review of: George A. DeVos, The Incredibility of Western Prophets

    Review of: Brian Moeran, Ōkubo Diary

    Review of: Robert E. Morrell, Sand and Pebbles (Shasekishū)

    Review of: Laurel Kendall, Shamans, Housewifes, and other Restless Spirits: Women in Korean Shamanism

    Review of: Roman Malek, Das Chai-chieh lu. Materialien zur Liturgie im Taoismus

    Review of: Owen Lattimore and Fujiko Isono, The Diluv Khutagt

    Review of: S. Ju. Nekljudov and Ž. Tömörceren, Mongolische Erzählungen über Geser; Nikolaus Poppe, Mongolische Epen XI

    Review of: Clement Wein, Raja of Madaya

    Review of: Carol Rubenstein, The Honey Tree Song: Poems and Chants of Sarawak Dayaks

    Review of: John R. Clammer, Contributions to Southeast Asian Ethnography

    Review of: Bruce Kapferer, A Celebration of Demons

    Review of: Patrick F. Gesch, Initiative and Initiation

  • Asian Folklore Studies 45 (1)   +

    Only Half-Way to Godhead: The Chinese Geomancer as Alchemist and Cosmic Pivot

    An Asian Story of the Oedipus Type

    Banishing of Illnesses into Effigies in Mongolia

    Retrospective Comprehension: Japanese Foretelling Songs

    The Malay-Tamil Cultural Contacts with Special Reference to the Festival of Mandi Safar

    Verse Narratives from the Bazaar of the Storytellers

    Patron Saints and Pagan Ghosts: The Pairing of Opposites

    Review of: Roger Caillois, The Mystery Novel

    Review of: Felicia G. Bock, Classical Learning and Taoist Practices in Early Japan

    Review of: Yoshiko Kurata Dykstra, Miraculous Tales of the Lotus Sutra from Ancient Japan: The “Dainihonkoku hokekyōkenki” of Priest Chingen

    Review of: Fanny Hagin Mayer, Where Folk Tales are Treasured: Fifteen Tales from the Japanese of Mizusawa Kenichi

    Review of: Brian Moeran, Lost Innocence: Folk Craft Potters of Onta, Japan

    Review of: Emiko Ohnuki-Tierney, Illness and Culture in Contemporary Japan

    Review of: Robert J. Smith and Ella Lury Wiswell, The Women of Suye Mura

    Review of: Lee Duhyun 李杜鉉, Han’guk minsokhak non’go 『韓國民俗學論考』

    Review of: Laurence G. Thompson, Chinese Religion in Western Languages: A Comprehensive and Classified Bibliography of Publications in English, French and German through 1980

    Review of: Anton Quack, Priesterinnen, Heilerinnen, Schamaninnen ?

    Review of: N. H. Van Straten,Concepts of Health, Disease and Vitality in Traditional Chinese Society

    Review of: Walther Heissig, Geser-Studien: Untersuchungen zu den Erzählstoffen in den"neuen " Kapiteln des mongolischen Geser-Zyklus

    Review of: Greg Bailey, The Mythology of Brahmā

    Review of: Baru Candīdāsa, Singing the Glory of Lord Kriskna: The Śrīkrsnakīrtana

    Review of: A.W. Sadler, In Quest of the Historical Buddha and The White Cranes of Sri Ramakrishna

    Review of: John S. Strong, The Legend of King Aśoka

    Review of: Ved Prakash Vatuk, Studies in Indian Folk Traditions

    Review of: Siegfried Lienhard, Songs of Nepal

    Review of: Ulrich Marzolph, Typologie des persischen Volksmärchens

    Review of: Norbert Ndong, Kamerunische Märchen


  • Asian Folklore Studies 44 (2)   +

    Philippine Folktales: An Introduction

    Mandegan: Introduced and translated

    Gugud: A Bukidnon Oral Tradition

    The Concept of Time Among the Mangyans

    The Pukhtun Tapos: From Biography to Autobiography

    The Episode of Maiyarāb in the Thai Rāmakīen and its Possible Relationship to Tamil Folklore

    The Disabled in Popular Narrative

    Review of: Modern Language Association of America, 1983 MLA International Bibliography

    Review of: John Miles Foley,Oral-formulaic Theory and Research: An Introduction and Annotated Bibliography

    Review of: Jacob Raz, Audience and Actors: A Study of Their Interaction in the Japanese Theatre

    Review of: Takie Sugiyama Lebra, Japanese Women: Constraint and Fulfillment

    Review of: Ward Geddes, Kara monogatari:Tales of China

    Review of: Helen Hardacre, Lay Buddhism in Contemporary Japan: Reiyūkai Kyōdan.

    Review of: Wolfram Eberhard, Lexikon chinesischer Symbole

    Review of: Procédés secrets du Joyau Magique

    Review of: John A. Grim, The Shaman: Patterns of Siberian and Ojibway Healing

    Review of: Damiana L. Eugenio, Philippine Folk Literature: An Anthology

    Review of: Clement Wein, The Four Friends

    Review of: Stephen A. Wurm and Hattori Shirō, Language Atlas of the Pacific

    Review of: Jeannine Koubi, Rambu solo', “la fumée descend”

    Review of: Haim Schwarzbaum, The Mishle Shu'alim (Fox Fables) of Rabbi Berechiah Ha-Nakdan

  • Asian Folklore Studies 44 (1)   +

    Analysis of Cinderella Motifs, Italian and Japanese

    A Comparative Study of Three Chinese and North-American Indian Folktale Types

    Shā¯ Laˆ Te Ve: The Building of a Merit Shelter Among the Lahu Nyi (Red Lahu) of the Northern Thai Uplands

    Framed Narrative and the Dramatized Audience in a Tamil Buddhist Epic

    The Other Woman in Indian Folklore

    Review of: Francis A. De Caro, Women and Folklore: A Bibliographic Survey

    Review of: Victor Turner and Yamaguchi Masao, Misemono no Jinruigaku 『見世物の人類学』

    Review of: Fukuda Ajio 福田アジオ and Miyata Noboru 宮田登, Nihon Minzokugaku Gairon 『日本民俗学概論』

    Review of: Alexandre Guillemoz, Les algues, les anciens, les dieux: La vie et la religion d'un village de petcheurs-agriculteurs coréens

    Review of: Jan Walls and Yvonne Walls, Classical Chinese Myths

    Review of: Leonardo N. Mercado, Research Methods in Philippine Context

    Review of: Revel-Macdonald Nicole, Kudaman: Une épopée palawan chantée par Usuj

    Review of: K. A. McElhanon, Legends from Papua New Guinea; K. A. McElhanon, From the Mouths of Ancestors

    Review of: Jacques Lemoine and Donald Gibson, Yao Ceremonial Paintings

    Review of: Kristina Lindell, Jan-Öjvind Swahn and Damrong Tayanin, Folk Tales from Kammu III: Pearls of Kammu Literature

    Review of: Tan Sooi Beng, Ko-tai: A new form of Chinese urban street theatre in Malaysia

    Review of: E. Alan Morinis, Pilgrimage in the Hindu Tradition: A Case Study of West Bengal

    Review of: Bonnie C. Wade, Performing Arts in India: Essays on Music, Dance and Drama

    Review of: Ministry of Education and Culture, Our Cultural Fabric: Puppet Theater in India

    Review of: Ivan Balassa and Gyula Ortutay, Ungarische Volkskunde


  • Asian Folklore Studies 43 (2)   +

    Japanese Myths of Descent from Heaven and Their Korean Parallels

    Religious Syncretism in the Shilla Period: The Relationship Between Esoteric Buddhism and Korean Primeval Religion

    The Concept of Ancestors and Ancestor Worship in Korea

    Wives, Lesser Wives, and Ghosts: Supernatural Conflict in a Korean Village

    Male and Female in Korean Folk Belief

    Chaesu Kut: A Korean Shamanistic Performance

    The Aesthetics of a Contemporary Chinese Shadow Theater

    Shi¯Nyi Lon¯: Great Merit Days among the Lahu Nyi (Red Lahu) of North Thailand

    Review of: Alan Dundes, Cinderella: A Folklore Casebook

    Review of: Atelia Clarkson and Gilbert B. Cross, World Folktales

    Review of: Milan Stanek, Geschichten der Kopfjäger: Mythos und Kultur der Iatmul auf Papua-Neuguinea

    Review of: W. Michael Kelsey, Konjaku Monogatari-shū

    Review of: William J. Rathbun, Yō no Bi: The Beauty of Japanese Folk Art

    Review of: Roger L. Janelli and Dawnhee Yim Janelli, Ancestor Worship and Korean Society

    Review of: Kim T'aegon 金泰坤, Korean Shamanism, Illustrated『韓国巫俗図録』 Hanguk joasog dorok.

    Review of: Mellie Leandicho Lopez, A Study of Philippine Games

    Review of: Jean Mottin, 55 Chants d'amour Hmong Blanc

    Review of: Peter Metcalf, A Borneo Journey into Death: Berawan Eschatology from its Rituals

    Review of: Albert Leemann and Werner Roll, Lombok: Bevölkerungsstrukturierung gemäss Religion und Adat

    Review of: Richard Emmert, Hasumoto Izumi, Katsushita Hitoshi and Okada Maki, Dance and Music in South Asian Drama: Chhau, Mahākālī Pyākhan and Yakshagāna


  • Asian Folklore Studies 43 (1)   +

    From the Editor

    Kammu Totem Tales

    The Kammu People in China and Their Social Customs

    Kammu Song and its Structure

    The Music of the Lisu of Northern Thailand

    Customs and Rites Connected with Pregnancy and Childbirth in a Northeastern Thai Village

    The Relationship Between Muslim Peasant Religion and Urban Religion in Songkhla

    Kubu Conceptions of Reality

    A Hmong Shaman's Séance

    Genealogy and History: The Yu of Yi-mei and Chang-wan in Kwangtung's Xin-hui xian

    The Blend of Sanskrit Myth and Tamil Folklore in Thiru-murugātru-p-padai

    Review of: Robert A. Georges and Stephen Stern, American and Canadian Immigrant and Ethnic Folklore

    Review of: Wilhelm E. Mühlmann, Die Metamorphose der Frau: Weiblicher Scharnanismus und Dichtung

    Review of: Venetia J. Newall, Folklore Studies in the Twentieth Century

    Review of: Klaus J. Antoni, Der weisse Hase von Inaba: Vom Mythos zum Miirchen

    Review of: Nold Egenter, Göttersitze aus Schilf und Bambus

    Review of: Albert G. Hess and Murayama Shigeyo, Everyday Law in Japanese Folk Art: Daily Life in Meiji Japan

    Review of: Liu Senhower 劉文三, Taiwan shenxiang yishu 『台湾神像藝術』; Gary Seaman, Temple Organization in a Chinese Village

    Review of: Brenda E. F. Beck, The Three Twins: The Telling of a South Indian Folk Epic

    Review of: Jiwan Pani, Ravana Chhaya; S. S. S. Karyala Thakur, Folk Theatre of Himachal Pradesh

    Review of: Gene H. Roghair, The Epic of Palnādu: A Study and Translation of Palnāti Vīrula Katha, a Telugu Oral Tradition from Andhra Pradesh, India

    Review of: Yona Sabar, The Folk Literature of the Kurdistani Jews: An Anthology

    Review of: Tekla Dömötör, Hungarian Folk Beliefs

  • Asian Folklore Studies 42 (2)   +

    The Myth of the Descent of the Heavenly Grandson.

    The Fate of Nagoya's Mechanical Festival Floats.

    Tossing the Tiger: Performance in the Malay Wayang

    Chinese Religion in Malaysia: A General View.

    Indian Numskull Tales: Form and Meaning.

    Topics of New Guinea Legends.

    Review of: Dan Ben-Amos, Folklore in Context

    Review of: Baladji Mundkur, The Cult of the Serpent

    Review of: Mary Cummings, The Lives of the Buddha in the Art and Literature of Asia

    Review of: Yamada Ryūji 山田隆治 and Shiratori Yoshirō 白鳥芳郎, Dentō syūkyō to minkan shinkō 『伝統宗教と民間信仰』 (Major Religions and Folk Belief)

    Review of: Gaudenz Domenig, Tektonik im primitiven Dachbau

    Review of: Joanne P. Algarin, Japanese Folk Literature: A Core Collection and Reference Guide

    Review of: Taniguchi Yukio 谷口幸男 and Endō Norikatsu 遠藤紀勝, Kamen to Shukussai, Yōroppa no matsuri ni miru shi to saisei 『仮面と祝祭 ヨーロッパの祭にみる死と再生』

    Review of: David Arkush, Fei Xiaotong and Sociology in Revolutionary China

    Review of: Kristina Lindell, The Kammu Year: Its Lore and Music

    Review of: Sao Sāimöng Mangrāi, The Pādaeng Chronicle and the Jengtung State Chronicle Translated

    Review of: Nigel Philipps, Sijobang: Sung Narrative Poetry of West Sumatra

    Review of: Rex A. Casinander, Miner's Folk Songs of Sri Lanka

    Review of: Mohan Upreti, Malushahi: The Ballad of Kumaon

    Review of: Stephen Fuchs, At the Bottom of Indian Society: The Harijan and Other Low Castes

    Review of: G. Whitney Azoy, Buzkashi: Game and Power in Afghanistan

    Review of: Isidor Levin, Dzhalil Rabiev and Mirra Yavich, Kulliyoti Fol'klori Tojik/Svod Tadzhikskogo Fol'klora

  • Asian Folklore Studies 42 (1)   +

    Editor's Page

    Dholā: A North Indian Folk Genre

    Bhojalī: Song, Goddess, Friend a Chhattisgarhi Women's Oral Tradition

    Śīt Basant: Oral Tale, Sāngīt, and Kissā

    The Emerging Soloist: Kavvālī in Bhatgaon

    Indian Folk Traditions and the Modern Theatre

    The Origin of the Ganapati Cult

    Outer Marks, Inner Grace: Flannery O'Connor's Tattooed Christ

    Review of: Inoura Yoshinobu and Kawatake Toshio, The Traditional Theater of Japan

    Review of: Emiko Ōnuki-Tierney, Illness and healing among the Sakhalin Ainu: A symbolic interpretation

    Review of: Juliet Piggott, Japanese Mythology

    Review of: Laurence A. Schneider, A Madman of Ch'u: The Chinese Myth of Loyalty and Dissent

    Review of: Alvin P. Cohen, Tales of Vengeful Souls: A Sixth Century Collection of Chinese Avenging Ghost Stories

    Review of: Kristofer Schipper, Le corps taoiste, corps physique-corps social

    Review of: Charles R. Bawden, Mongolische Epen X: Eight North Mongolian epic poems

    Review of: Hazel J. Wrigglesworth, An Anthology of Ilianen Manobo Folktales

    Review of: Morice Vanoverbergh, English-Kankanay Thesaurus

    Review of: Francisco R. Demetrio, Myths and Symbols, Philippines

    Review of: Wanni Wibulswasdi Anderson, Children's Play and Games in Rural Thailand: A Study in Enculturation and Socialization

    Review of: Jowa Imre Kis-Jovak, Autochthone Architektur auf Siberut

    Review of: Margaret Stutley, Ancient Indian Magic and Folklore: An Introduction

  • Asian Folklore Studies 41 (2)   +

    Death and Transformation: The Presentation of Death in East and Southeast Asia.

    Viewing the Hana Matsuri at Shimoawashiro, Aichi Prefecture.

    Japanese Folk Humor.

    The Muslim Farmers of Bangladesh and Allah’s Creation of the World.

    The Folk Festival of Jhoñjhī-Tesū

    Obituary: Richard M. Dorson (1916-1981).

    Sītā’s Birth and Parentage in the Rāma Story.

    Review of: Venetia Newall, International Folklore Review.

    Review of: Iwai Hiromi 岩井宏美, Shinsen kami to hito to no kyōen 『神饌神と人との饗宴』

    Review of: Dieter Eikemeier, Documents from Changjwa-ri: A Further Approach to the Analysis of Korean Villages

    Review of: Lee Jung Young, Korean Shamanistic Rituals

    Review of: Sven Broman, Chinese Shadow Theatre

    Review of: J. Kasem Sibunruang, Thai Folk-tales; J. Kasem Sibunruang, Wessandorn the Charitable Prince

    Review of: Sevyan I. Vainshtein, Nomads of South Siberia: The Pastoral Economies of Tuva

    Review of: Günter Unbescheid, Kānphatā: Untersuchungen zu Kult, Mythologie und Geschichte śivaitischer Tantriker in Nepal

  • Asian Folklore Studies 41 (1)   +


    Sakahagi: The “Reverse Flaying” of the Heavenly Piebald Horse.

    Community Ritual and Social Structure in Village Korea.

    Amnesia and Remembrance in a Hindu Theory of History.

    “Baba Taraknath”: A Case of Continuity and Development in the Folk Tradition of West Bengal, India.

    Kankanay Anatomy: A Lexicon.

    Kankanay Games: A Lexicon.

    Puyuma Ethnohistory and Linguistics: A Review Article.

    Review of: Kinaadman: A Journal of the Southern Philippines.

    Review of: Winston Davis, Dojo: Magic and Exorcism in Modern Japan

    Review of: Patia R. Isaku, Mountain Storm, Pine Breeze: Folk Song in Japan

    Review of: Nold Egenter, Bauform als Zeichen und Symbol; Walther Heissig, Die mongolischen Epen: Bezüge, Sinndeutung und Überlieferung

    Review of: Matti Sarmela, Paikalliskulttuurin Rakennemuutos

    Review of: Amin Sweeney, Authors and Audiences in Traditional Malay Literature

    Review of: Charles F. Keyes, Ethnic Change; C. Hooykaas, Drawings of Balinese Sorcery; Stella Kramrisch, The Presence of Śiva; John Stratton Hawley, At Play with Krishna, Pilgrimage Dramas from Brindavan; Ana Libera Dallapiccola, The Stūpa: Its Religious, Historical and Architectural Significance

  • Asian Folklore Studies 40 (2)   +

    Public Aspirations in the New Year Couplets.

    The Nine Imperial Gods in Singapore

    Kammu Gongs and Drums II.

    The Sacred Trees Around Goshonai / Japan.

    The Raging Deity in Japanese Mythology.

    A Preliminary Examination of the Omamori Phenomenon.

    Supplementary Remarks.

    Review of: Asian Folklore; Kenneth S. Goldstein and Neil V. Rosenberg, Folklore Studies in Honour of Herbert Halpert, a Festschrift

    Review of: Arthur Kleinman, Peter Kunstadter, E. Russell Alexander and James L. Gale, Culture and Healing in Asian Societies, Anthropological, Psychiatric and Public Health Studies

    Review of: K. P. Bahadur, One Hundred Rural Song of India

    Review of: Maria-Verena Blümmel, Hofzeremonien im japanischen Mittelalter

    Review of: Youngsook Kim Harvey, Six Korean Women: The Socialization of Shamans

    Review of: Walther Heissig, Mongolische Epen 8; Nikolaus Poppe, Mogolische Epen 9

    Review of: Edwin Bernbaum, The way to shambhala: A Search for the Mythical Kingdom beyond the Himalayas; Andras Höfer, The Caste Hierarchy and the State in Nepal; Vilma May A. Fuentes and Edito T. De La Cruz, A Treasure of Mandaya and Mansaka Folk Literature

  • Asian Folklore Studies 40 (1)   +

    On the Meaning of Masked Dances in Kagura.

    Fauna and Flora in Japanese Folktales.

    A Taiwanese Puppeteer and his Theater.

    Islam and the Malay Shadow Play.

    Kammu Gongs and Drums I.

    Yanagi Muneyoshi and the Japanese Folk Craft Movement.

    Review of: Moriya Toshihiko, Nihon Ryōiki no Kenkyū; Moriya Toshihiko, Zoku Nihon Ryōiki no Kenkyū; Jan Walls and Yvonne, West Lake: A Collection of Folktales.

    Review of: Ting Nai-Tung, A Type Index of Chinese Folktales; Choi In-Hak, A Type Index of Korean Folktales.

    Review of: László Lörincz, Mongolische Märchentypen.

    Review of: Kristina Lindell, Jan-Öjvind Swahn and Damrong Tayanin, Folk Tales from Kammu 2: A Story-Teller’s Tales.

    Review of: Kinaadman: A Journal of the Southern Philippines; Ved Prakash Vatuk, Studies in Indian Folk Tradition; Alan Dundes, Essays in Folkloristics; Holmes Welch and Anna Seidel, Facets of Taoism: Essays in Chinese Religion; Michael R. Saso, The Teachings of Taoist Master Chuang.

  • Asian Folklore Studies 39 (2)   +

    Obituary: Dr. Matthias Eder, S. V. D. (1902-1980).

    The Heavenly Rock-Grotto Myth and the Chinkon Ceremony.

    Some Features of the Domestic Cult Organisation in the Southern Ryukyus and Taiwan.

    Chinese Folk Medicine: A Study of the Shan-hai Ching.

    On the Dramatic Fertility Rituals of Anatolian Turkey.

    Shamanism as Reflected in the Folktale.

    The Marriage Ceremonies of the Malayalis of the Pachaimalais.

    Telugu Folk Additions to Maha Bharatha.

    Grassroots Renaissance: The Increasing Importance of Folk Media in Third World Nations.

    Review of: A. L. Becker and Aram A. Yengoyan, The Imagination of Reality; Yusuf Ibish and Ileana Marculescu, Contemplation and Action in World Religions; K. B. Das and L. K. Mahapatra, Folk Lore of Orissa; Anwarul Karim, The Bauls of Bangladesh; K. M. Ashraful Aziz, Kinship in Bangladesh; Gernot Prunner, Meisterwerke Burmanischer Lackkunst; Jutta Bewig, Chinesische Papierschnitte; Gernot Prunner, Papiergötter aus China.

    Review of: A. Dhamotharan, Tamil Dictionaries; Hans Frey, Der Indisch-Pakistanische Konflikt in den Jahren 1958-1968

    Review of: Jung Young Lee, Sokdam: Capsules of Eastern Wisdom

    Review of: Jos. Huppertz und Herm. Köster, Kleine China-Beiräge

    Review of: Joachim Deppert, Rudras Geburt

    Review of: Carl Hefner, Rites of Origin: A Taoist Celebration

  • Asian Folklore Studies 39 (1)   +

    Space and Time in Ryukyuan Cosmology.

    Two Categories of Chinese Ancestors as Determined by Their Malevolence.

    Śītalā: the Cool One.

    Royal Style in Village Context: Translation and Interpretation of a Thai Tonsure Text.

    On the Human Soul: Reports from the Eastern Highlands of New Guinea.

    Dwellings in Ancient Japan: Shapes and Cultural Context.

    Review of: Veronika Ronge, Das tibetische Handwerkertum vor 1959; Anna-Leena Siikala, The Rite Technique of the Siberian Shaman

    Review of: Hans-Peter Laqueur, Zur kulturgeschichtlichen Stellung des türkischen Ringkampfes einst und jetzt; Transactions of the International Conference of Orientalists in Japan; Kinaadman: A Journal of the Southern Philippines

  • Asian Folklore Studies 38 (2)   +

    Local Legends of the Gempei War: Reflections of Mediaeval Japanese History.

    Filipino Myths of Death and Speciation: Content and Structure.

    Myths and Ritual of Rice Spirits Bambarazon among the Rungus.

    Mayndala: A Legend and Possession Cult of Tulunad, South Kanara, India.

    Bird Lore in Southwestern Iran.

    The Turkish Folk Theatre.

    Review of: Alan Dundes, Varia Folklorica

    Review of: Felix J. Oinas; Heroic Epic and Saga: An Introduction to the World's Great Folk Epics; Stanley A. Freed and Ruth S. Freed, Shanti Nagar: The Effects of Urbanization in a Village in North India

    Review of: Richard M. Dorson, Folklore in the Modern World.

    Review of: Oral Traditions of Orissa.

  • Asian Folklore Studies 38 (1)   +

    On the Dramatic Tradition in Kagura

    Rakugo: Professional Japanese Storytelling.

    The Functional Value of Ignorance at a Koran Seance.

    The Medak River Kubu.

    Thailand: The Kammu Language and Folklore Project.

    Review of: Ōyama Mahito , Watashi wa goze. Sugimoto Kikue kōden; Saitō Shinichi, Goze-Mōmoku no tabi geinin; John Wm. Schiffeler, The Legendary Creatures of the Shan Hai Ching; Felix J. Oinas, Folklore, Nationalism, and Politics; Veronika Veit, Mongolische Epen

    Review of: Metin And, Turkish Dancing; Andreas Bsteh, Der Gott der Christentums und des Islams.

  • Asian Folklore Studies 37 (2)   +

    Kankanay Songs.

    The Potaraja and Their Goddess.

  • Asian Folklore Studies 37 (1)   +

    Origin and Growth of the Worship of Amaterasu.

    Death and Abuse in Marriage Laments: The Curse of Chinese Brides.

    Towards an Understanding of Philippine Myths.

    The Shaman as Psychologist.

    Structural Analysis of Folktales: Techniques and Methodology.

    Women Not To Marry: A Thai Father's Instructions to His Son.

    Vrat: Ceremonial Vows of Women in Gujarat, India.

    The Folk Hero and Class Interests in Tamil Heroic Ballads.

    Ethnological Films.

    Review of: Kristna Lindell, A Kammu Story-Listener’s Tales; Dieter B. Kapp, Ein Menschenschöpfungsmythos der Mundas und seine Parallelen; Nai-tung Ting and Lee-Hsia Ting, Chinese Folk Narratives.

  • Asian Folklore Studies 36 (2)   +

    The Miyaza and the Fisherman: Ritual Status in Coastal Villages of Wakayarna Prefecture.

    Categories of Okinawan “Ancestors” and the Kinship System.

    Hsu Wen-ch’ang: An Archetypal Clever Rascal in Chinese Popular Culture.

    The Ranking of Gods in Chinese Folk Religion.

    Nature and Function of Some Therapeutic Techniques in Thailand.

    A Methodology for the Collection of the Sinhala Ritual.

    Marriage Customs of Christian Son Kolis.

    Review of: Abstracts of Popular Culture

    Review of: E. Arsenio Manuel, Tuwaang Attends a Wedding; Felixberto C. Sta. Maria, The Philippines in Song and Prose Ballad.

    Review of: Viggo Brun, Sug, the Trickster who Fooled the Monk

    Review of: Metin And, Karagoöz: Turkish Shadow Theatre.

  • Asian Folklore Studies 36 (1)   +

    A Chinese Temple Keeper Talks About Chinese Folk Religion.

    The Changing Tastes of the Gods: Chinese Temple Fairs in Malaysia.

    Premchand’s Use of Folklore in His Short Short Stories.

    Some Goddess Rituals in Non-Narrative Folk Song in India.

    Social Aspects of Sadani Oral Literature.

    The Marriage Ceremonies of the Christian Paraiyans of the Kumbakonam Area, India.

    A Collection of Yapese Riddles.

    Beleifs,Customs and Rituals in the Lower Yuat River Area,Northwest New Guinea.

    Review of: Sutō Isao 須藤功, Nishiura no Matsuri 『西浦のまつり』; Niwa Motoji 丹羽基二, Kamon 『家門』; Otto Bischofberger, Heil und Unheil: Gebete und Riten der Amis von Formosa

  • Asian Folklore Studies 35 (2)   +

    Flannery O’Connor and the Peacock.

    The Grammar of a Rite in Shintō.

    The Study of Myth as a Political Document.

    The Folk Songs of Central India.

    The Jiaw of Shigaang(Taiwan): An Essay in Folk Interpretation.

    Review of: Carmen Blacker, The Catalpa Bow: A Study of Shamanistic Practices in Japan; Morioka Kiyomi, Religion in Changing Japanese Society; Hua Shan, The Taoist Sacred Mountain in West China: Its Scenery,Monasteries and Monks; Mary Augusta Mullikin and Anna M. Hotchkis, The Nine Sacred Mountains of China; P.Xorloo,Xalx Ardyn Tuul, N. Poppe, Mongolische Epen IV.

  • Asian Folklore Studies 35 (1)   +

    The Badger in Japanese Folklore.

    Nembutsu Odori.

    The Origin of Chinese Folk Medicine.

    Isneg and Kankanay Riddles Explained.

    Review of: The Fifteenth Congress of the “Friends of Festivals” (matsuri dōkōkai); Shimaguchi Yoshiaki, Bukkyō to minzoku; Washino Masaaki,Owari ni okeru shishimai; Kodama Makoto,Sangaku-shinkō to Jinja; Suzuki Masataka, Yanagita Kunio’s “Nihon no matsuri”; Anne Marie Bouchy, Kagura to shugendō; Nakazawa Nariaki,Gendai ni okeru miyaza no hōkai katei; Kobayashi Kazushige,Sansan zentei-kō ni tsuite; Akada Mitsuo, Tsushima no sōbo-sei; Kikuchi Teruo, Kitakami Sanchi no shin-yama-shinkō; Hirayanagi Misako, Matsuri to kamigakari; Yamaji Kōzō,Chūsei geinō ni tsuite; Shidara Minzoku Kenkyūkai, “Shidara”; Barbara Sperl, Tradition und Moderne in einem koreanischen Dorf

  • Asian Folklore Studies 34 (2)   +

    The Shrine: Notes towards a Study of Neighborhood Festivals in Modern Tokyo.

    International Symposium on Japanese Folk Culture.

    Shang-ssu Festival and its Myths in China and Japan.

    Micronesian Ghosts and the Limits of Functional Analysis.

    Mortuary Ritual Among the Ibaluy (Philippines).

    The Folktale as Cultural Comment.

    Review of: Heda Jason, Studies in Jewish Ethnopoetry.

  • Asian Folklore Studies 34 (1)   +

    Folkdance and Fairgrounds: More Notes on Neighborhood Festivals in Tokyo.

    An Analysis of Korean Geomancy Tales.

    A Soul's Journey: A Lisu Song from Northern Thailand.

    The Female Element in Indian Culture.

    List of Asian Folklore Scholars.

    Review of: Maeda Noriko, W. Norman Brown, Tawi Tales: Folk Tales from Jammu (North India); Tanba Motoji, Shinmon.

  • Asian Folklore Studies 33 (2)   +

    Thematic Patterns in Japanese Folktales: A Search for Meaning.

    The Koguryo Foundation Myth: An Integrated Analysis.

    The Peacock Cult in Asia.

    Review of: Ōba Iwao, Matsuri.

  • Asian Folklore Studies 33 (1)   +

    Whale and Fish Cult in Japan: A Basic Feature of Ebisu Worship.

    At the Sanctuary: Further Field Notes on the Shrine Festival in Modern Tokyo.

    Far Eastern Fox Lore.

    Puppet Theatre in Asian.

    Some Characteristic Meters of Hindi Riddle Prosody.

    Review of: Shinohara Shirō 篠原四郎, Kumano Daisha 『 熊野大社』 ; Louis Frédéric, Daily Life in Japan at the time of the Samurai 1185-1603; Uwai Hisayoshi, Uwai Teruyo, Nihon Minzoku no Genryū; Gellért Béky, Die Welt des Tao; The Modern Meaning of Shamanism; Erich Pauer, Technik–Wirtschaft –Gesellschaft

  • Asian Folklore Studies 32   +

    The Folktales of Micronesia.

  • Asian Folklore Studies 31 (2)   +

    Folk Tales of Central India.

    The Communitarian Aspect of Shinto Matsuri (Festivals)

    The Folk Customs Museum in Takayama (Hida, Gifu Prefecture, Japan).

    Review of: Shinoda Yasuo 篠田康雄, Atsuta Jingū 『熱田神宮』; Mabuchi Tōichi, Magico-religious Land Ownership in Central Formosa and Southeast Asia; Frances Carpenter, Tales of a Korean Grandmother; Richard Arens, Folk Practices and Beliefs of Leyte and Samar; Kustaa Vilkuna, Finnisches Brauchtum im Jahreslauf; A critical and Annotated Bibliography of Philippine, Indonesian and Other Malayan Folklore; Das Profil Japans.

  • Asian Folklore Studies 31 (1)   +

    Jewish-Near Eastern Numskull Tales: An Attempt at Interpretation.

    Dances and Charms of the Tribes of Central India.

    The Marriage Customs of the Christians in South Canara ( India ).

    Carrying the Mikoshi: Further Field Notes on the Shrine Festival in Modern Tokyo.

    Some Parallels Between the Fêng-Shên-Yên-I and the Shahnameh and the Possible Influence of the Former Upon the Persian Epic.

    Reviews of: Sakurai Katsunoshin 桜井勝之進, Ise Jingū 『伊勢神宮』

    Reviews of: Miyamoto Tsuneichi 宮本常一, Ise Sangū 『伊勢参宮』; Gorai Shigeru 五来重, Yama no Shūkyō: Shugendō 『山の宗教-修験道』; Wolfram Eberhard, Chinesische Träume und ihre Deutung.

    Reviews of: Miyata Noboru 宮田登, 『生き神信仰 人を神に祀る習俗』

  • Asian Folklore Studies 30 (2)   +

    A Study of Ghost Stories from Taiwan and San Francisco.

    Notices of the Pagan Igorots in 1789-Part Two.

    History in a Sumba Myth.

    Review of: Cultural Affairs Bureau 文化庁編集, Handbook for Research and Collection of Folk Material 『民俗資料調査収集の手びき』; Moriguchi Tari 森口多里, Iwate Japanese Folklore 『岩手日本の民俗 』; Takeda Akira 武田明, Kagawa Japanese Folklore 『香川日本の民俗 』

    Review of: Cheou-Kang Sié, A Butterfly’s Dream and Other Chinese Tales; On Food Culture Research; Francisco Demetrio, Dictionary of Philippine Folk Beliefs and Customs

  • Asian Folklore Studies 30 (1)   +

    The Spring Prayer (Toshigoi) Ceremony of the Heian Court.

    Myth and Ritual Patterns in King Wu's Campaign Against King Chou

    The Medicine Men of Agusan in Mindanao, Philippines.

    A Reconstruction of 15th Century Calatagan Community.

    The Mouse-deer (Kantjil) in Malayo-Indonesian Folklore: Alternative Analyses and the Significance of a Trickster Figure in South-East Asia.

    From Dream to Folklore in Northeast Thailand.

    Verrier Elwin's Field Methods and Fieldwork in India: An Appraisal.

    Some Instances of Consanguineous Relationship Patterns in Hindu Joint Family as Depicted in Bhojpuri Folksongs.

    A Female Necromancer in the Wabag District, Western Highlands of New Guinea.

    Tenjin Festival in Tokyo.

    Review of: D.E. Mills, A Collection of Tales from Uji; Marian Davies Toth, Tales from Thailand

    Review of: Dominik Schröder, Aus der Volksdichtung der Monguor.

    Review of: Günter Schüttler, Die letzten tibetischen Orakelpriester.

  • Asian Folklore Studies 29   +

    A Structural Study of Bagobo Myths and Rites.

    Myths and Beliefs from Prehistoric Times at the Lower Sepik River, New Guinea.

    Notices of the Pagan Igorots in 1789.

    Malhor: A Type of Work Song in Western Uttar Pradesh, India

    0-Kagura: Field Notes on the Festival Drama in Modern Tokyo

    Review of: Josef Kreiner, Die Kultorganisation des japanischen Dorfes.

    Review of: Thomas Immoos, The Birth of the Japanese Theater.

    Review of: Hartmund O. Rotermund, Die Yamnbushi; Nihon minzoku shiryō jiten 『日本民俗資料辞典』; Hirano Minoru 平野實, Kōshin Shinkō 『庚申信仰』; Rogelio M. Lopez, Agricultural Practices of the Manobo in the Interior of Southwestern Cotabato (Mindanao); Francisco Billiet, Francis Lambrecht, The Kalinga Ullálim and lfugaw Orthography

  • Asian Folklore Studies 28 (2)   +

    The Most Primitive Means of Transportation in Southeast and East Asia.

    Towards a Classification of Bisayan Folk Beliefs and Customs.

    Sitala: The Small-Pox Goddess of India

    Review of: Sankar Sen Gupta, A Survey of Folklore Study in Bengal

  • Asian Folklore Studies 28 (1)   +

    The Form and Meaning of the Festival.

    Reality in Japanese Folktales.

    Towards a Classification of Bisayan Folk Beliefs and Customs.

    The Religious Dimensions of Some Philippine Folktales.

    The Engkanto Belief: An Essay in Interpretation.

    Mourning Customs in Paoay, Ilocos Norte, Philippines.

    The Non-Christian Tagalogs in Rizal Province.

    Review of: H. Byron Earhart, Japanese Religion: Unity and Diversity.

    Review of: Thomas Immoos, Das Tanzritual der Yamabushi und Ein Ritual der Wiedergeburt in den Yamabushi-Kagura; Gitta Lepsius, Das heutige Japanische Puppentheater auf dem Lande und seine Vorgeschichte.

    Review of: Tōichi Mabuchi, Toward the Reconstruction of Ryukyuan Cosmology; Josef Kreiner, Some Problems of Folk Religion in the Southwest Ilands (Ryūkyū); William A. Lessa, Chinese Body Divination; Leyte-Samar Studies; Lorenzo Ga. Cesar, The Santo Niño of Tacloban in History Legend and Devotion of the People; Maria G. Villegas Sister, Superstitious Beliefs and Practices in the Coastal Towns of Eastern Leyte; Nobuhiro Matsumoto, Religious Thoughts of the Bronze Age People of Indochina; Georges Condaminas, Some Mnong Gar Religious Concepts: A World of Forms; Tsuneo Ayabe, A Study of Soul Concept in Thailand and Japan.

  • Asian Folklore Studies 27 (2)   +

    Genre and Function in Eastern Carolinian Narrative.

    The Spirit World of the Bukidnon.

    Tribal Gods and Festivals in Central India.

    Reminiscences of an Octogenarian Folklorist (Stith Thornson).

    Review of: Maria Penkala, A Correlated History of the Far East; Trading under Sail off Japan 1860-99; Donald Paul Berger, Folk Songs of Japanese Children; Leon M. Zolbrod, Kusazōshi: Chapbooks of Japan; Venčesleva Hrdličková, Chinese Storytellers and Singers of Ballads their Performances and Storytelling Techniques; Charlotte B. De Forest, The Prancing Pony; Francisco Demetrio, Towards a Survey of Philippine Folklore and Mythology

  • Asian Folklore Studies 27 (1)   +

    The Celebration of the Haru-yama (Spring-mountain) An Example of Folk Religious Practices in Contemporary Japan

    On Some Chincse Terms of Abuse.

    Creation Myths among the Early Filipinos.

    On the Position of Women in Indian Folk Culture.

    Indic Background of The Book of Sindibad

    The Oedipus Myth and Complex in Oceania with Special Reference to Truk.

    Notes of the Culture of the Kuli (New Guinea).

    Review of: Kenichi Mizusawa 水沢謙一, Obaba no mukashibanashi 『おばばの昔ばなし』; Junichi Nomura 野村純一, Fukudani Matsubei mukashibanashi shū 『吹谷松兵衛昔話集』; Kōji Inada and Toshihiko Kawabata, 稲田浩二, 川端豊彦, Hirusen bonchi no mukashibanashi 『蒜山盆地昔話』

    Reiview of: Nakatō Eijō 中藤栄祥, Bushū Koma-gun Nakayamamura kiroku 『武州高麗郡中山村記録』; Haru M. Reischauer, Leaves in the Sun in Drawings and words by Yuki; Laurence P. Roberts, The Connoisseur’s Guide to Japanese Museums; Charles A. Pomeroy, Traditional Crafts of Japan; Anne Swann Goodrich, The Peking Temple of the Eastern Peak

  • Asian Folklore Studies 26 (2)   +

    Folklore Research in Communist China.

    The Ritual Invocations of Hateruma in the Ryūkyū Islands.

    Supernatural Abductions in Japanese Folklore.

    Kenichi Mizusawa, a Modern Collector of Japanese Folktales.

    Rview of: Eduard J. M. Kroker, Die amtliche Sammlung chinesischer Rechtsgewohnheiten.

    Review of: Edwin Capers Kirkland, A Biobliography of South Asian Folklore.

  • Asian Folklore Studies 26 (1)   +

    Dream Motif in Turkish Folk Stories and.Shamanistic Initiation.

    Hindu and Tribal Folklore in Assam.

    The Ethnography of Sāng, A North Indian Folk Opera

    Punjabi Folk Poetry.

    Some Annotated Indian Folksongs.

    Folktale Telling and Storytellers in Japan.

    The Story of a Wedding in Pakistan.

    Folk Music in Mahabharata.

    Review of: Denshō Bungei: Sōma chihō mukashibanashi shū 『相馬地方昔話集』; Denshō Bungei: Iwafune chihō mukashibanashi shū 『岩船地方昔話集』; Denshō Bungei: Oitama chihō mukashibanashi shū 『置賜地方昔話集』

    Review of: Ruth Quinlan Sun, Land of Seagull and Fox: Folktales of Vietnam; Monumenta Nipponica Monographs: Folk Cultures of Japan and East Asia; Cheng Man-Ch’ing and Robert W. Smith, Tai-ch'i: The "Supreme Ultimate" Exercise for Health, Sport and Self-Defense

  • Asian Folklore Studies 25   +

    Types of Japanese Folktales.

    On Certain Tales of the Konjaku Monogatari as Reflections of Japanese Folk Religion.

    Rice Rituals of Orissa.

    Review of: Kunio Yanagita, Japanese Folk Tales; John W. Hall and Richard K. Beardsley, Twelve Doors to Japan; Folk Cultures of Japan and East Asia; Joseph Haekel and C. B. Tripathi, Eine Besessenheits Séance der Rathva-Kali in Gujarat (Indien); Myths on the Origin of Death among the Early Filipinos.

  • Asian Folklore Studies 24 (2)   +

    The Marriage Customs of Christians in South Canara, India.

    Folktales of the Gond and Baiga in Eastern Mandla.

    Review of: Teihon Yanagita Kunio Shū.

    Review of: Suzuki Tōzō 鈴木棠三, Kuttan Jiji no Hanashi Tushima no Mukashibanashi 『くったんじじの話 対馬の昔話』; Imamura Yoshitaka 今村義孝, Akita Mugashiko 『秋田むがしこ』; Hiejima Sigetaka 比江島重孝, Hanpi no Genabanashi Hyūga no Mukashibanashi 『半ぴのげな話 日向の昔話』; Satō Yoshihiro 佐藤良裕, Fukuoka no Mukashibanashi 『福岡の昔話』

  • Asian Folklore Studies 24 (1)   +

    The Serpent as a Folk-Deity in Bengal.

    Messianic Movements in Primitive India.

    "The Naming of Names" in Indian Folk Belief.

    "Mika"-Jar Deities in Japanese Mythology.

    Kumo, the Deadly Witchcraft in the Central Highlands of New Guinea.

    Notes on Animism and Magic Practices on the Eastern Highlands of New Guinea.

    Details of the Mengge People'sCulture in the Highlands of New-Guinea.

    Review of: Donn V. Hart, Riddles in Filípino Folklore.

    Review of: Kenichi Mizusawa 水沢謙一, Tochio-go mukashi-banashi shu 『栃尾郷昔ばなし集』; Kenichi Mizusawa 水沢謙一, Echigo no shinderera 『越後のシンデレラ』

    Review of: C. Owehand, Namazu-e and Their Themes; Alois Pache, Die religiösen Vorstellungen in den Mythen der formosanischen Bergstämme.

  • Asian Folklore Studies 23 (2)   +

    Folklore Research in East Pakistan.

    Indian Botanical Folklore.

    East Asian Themes in Folktales of the Formosan Aborigines.

    Yama no Kami–die japanische Berggottheit

    A Report on a Bibliography of South Asian Folklore.

    Obituary: Birinchi Kumār Baruā (1910-1964).

    Obituary: Verrier Elwin (1902-1964).

    Review of: B. K. Barua, Folk-Culture of Assam.

    Review of: Choe Sang-su, A Study of the Korean Puppet Play.

    Review of: Richard M. Dorson, Bying the Wind. Regional Folklore in the United States; Tokihiko Oto, Folklore in Japanese Life and Customs.

  • Asian Folklore Studies 23 (1)   +

    Tales concerning the Origin of Grains in the Insular Areas of Eastern and Southeastern Asia.

    The Legend of Biag, An Igorot Culture Hero.

    The Sanskrit Loan-Words in the Cebuano-Bisayan Language.

    Review of: Paul Brunner, L’Euchologe de la Mission de Chine; Richard M. Dorson, Studies in Japanese Folklore.

    Review of Nippon minzokugaku essays.

  • Asian Folklore Studies 22   +

    A Survey of Philippine Folk Epics.

    The Divine Boy in Japanese Buddhism.

    Günstige und ungünstige Zeiten und Zeichen nach dem Tibetischen des Chags-med-rin- po-che.

    Yama no Kami: die japanische Berggottheit

    News and Notes on Asian Folklore.

    Review of: Hori Ichirō, Nippon Syūkyō no Shakaiteki Yakuwari, Nippon Syūkyō-shi Kenkyū 1; Hori Ichirō, Syūkyō-Syūzoku no Seikatsu Kisei, Nippon Syūkyō-shi Kenkyū 2; Mizusawa Kenichi,水澤謙一, Tochio-gō Mukashibanashi Shū 『栃尾郷昔ばなし集』

    Review of: Abstracts of Folklore Studies; Tachibana Kyōdō, On the Relation between the Furies-belief and Mahaprajñapāramita-sutrā-belief in Japan; Nishiguchi Junko, Buddhist Temples of Local Aristocrats in the 9th and 10th Century; David Szanton, Art in Sulu: A Survey; Siegbert Hummel and Paul G. Brewster, Games of the Tibetans; Karin Hissnk und Albert Hahn, Die Tacana.

    Review of Nippon minzokugaku essays.

  • Folklore Studies 21   +

    Shamanism in Japan.

    Bagobo Riddles.

    Cordillera Architecture in Northern Luzon.

    Acupuncture, Cautery and Massage in Japan.

    Solomon's Judgement, Mahosadha, and the Hoei-kan-li

    Daruma, a Symbol of Good Luck.

    Review of: Richard M. Dorson, Folklore Research Around the World; Richard M. Dorson, The Folk Legends of Japan; Marcelino A. Foronda Jr., Cults Honoring Rizal.

  • Folklore Studies 20   +

    Der Tigerbändiger in der tibetischen Ikonographie.

    The Cebuano Balitao and How It Mirrors Visayan Culture and Folklife.

    Ifugaw Hu'dhud

    Home Life in Tetep-an: Some Notes on Family and Food in a Western Bontoc Village of Northern Luzon in the Philippines.

    Review of: Nippon minzokugaku essays.

    Review of: Nihon minzokugaku daikei

  • Folklore Studies 19   +

    Ifugaw Hu'dhud.

    Opfer und Opferfeiern der Ngadha.

    Der göttliche Schmied in Tibet.

    Sachenrechtliche Gewohn- heiten in der Provinz Kansu (China).

    Review of: Richard K. Beardsley, John W. Hall, Robert E. Ward, Village Japan. XIV.

  • Folklore Studies 18   +

    The Goblin Fox and Badger and Other Witch Animals of Japan.

    The Saintly Kōbō Daishi in Popular Lore (A.D. 774-835).

    Das Pferd in Sage und Brauchtum Japans.

    Japanese Folklore Science Today.

    Review of: Mizusawa Kenichi 水沢謙一, Iki ga pon to Saketa 『 いきがポーンとさけた』; Noda Tayoko 能田多代子, Tekkiri Anesama 『手っきり娘さま』; Hirano Tadashi, 平野直, Suneko tanpoko (1)(2) 『すねこたんぽこ』

    Review of Nippon minzokugaku essays.

  • Folklore Studies 17   +

    Etymology Through Maps.

    The weird tale of the twelve hunchbacks. ATagalog Folktale.

    The golden tree of the Ibalos a Folktale.

    The Maranao Bansulat.

    Mount Pulog-Heaven of the Ibaloi.

    The Ifugao, Hagabi.

    Myths and their magic use in Ifugao.

    Primitive Kalinga peace-treaty system.

    Aklan superstitions about toys.


    The Adam and Eve of the Ilocanos.

    Two Folktales of the monteses of Panay (Visayan Islands,Philippines).

    Notes on Japanese Folk Art. On Münsterberg's book "The Folk Arts of Japan" and relevant matters.

    Review of: Paul Schebesta, Die Negrito Asiens; Ikeda Yasaburō, Geinō ; Ikeda Yasaburō, Nihonjin no Geinō

    Review of: Mizusawa Kenichi 水澤謙一, Four Collections of Japanese Folk Tales.

    Review of Nippon minzokugaku essays.

    Ifugaw Weaving.

    Tayabas Tagalog Awit Fragments From Quezon Province.

    Hinduismus der Ngadha.

    Hauptzüge und Entwicklungswege der uralischen Religion.

    Das Lied von Ma Wu Ko. Ein Volkslied aus Tsinghai (China).

  • Folklore Studies 16   +

    A Study on Korean Folkways

    Ifugao Tales, Banawe and Mayawyaw.

    Educational Practices of Tibetan Lama Training.

    The Rice Ritual in the East Visayan Islands, Philippines.

    Review of: Hubert Reinirkens, Sprichwörter und Redensarten Deutsch-Japanisch, Kotowaza to Seigo 『諺と成語』; Tadao Kano and Segawa Kōkichi, An Illustrated Ethnography of Formosan Aborigines; V. R. Burckhardt, Chinese Creeds and Customs; Joseph F. Rock, The Zhi mä Funeral Ceremony of the Na-khi of Southwest China; Paul Schebesta, Die Negrito Asiens: Ethnographie der Negrito; Ishida Eiichirō, The Mother-Son Complex in Japanese Religion and Folklore

    Review of Nippon minzokugaku essays.

  • Folklore Studies 15   +

    A Dialect-Geographical study of the Japanese Dialects

  • Folklore Studies 14   +

    Isneg Tales

    Ifugao Tales

    A Kalinga Story

    Quarrels and Enmity between the Sun and the Moon: A Contribution to the Mythologies of the Philippines, India, and the Malay Peninsula

    Die “Reisseele” in Japan und Korea

    Review of Nippon minzokugaku essays

    Review of: An Illustrated Rook on Annual Festivals and Customs of Japan. Nenjū gyōji zusetsu 『年中行事図説』; Niiname no Kenkyū 『新嘗の研究』

  • Folklore Studies 13   +

    The Religion of Divine Wisdom: Japan’s most powerful religious movement

  • Folklore Studies 12   +

    Isneg Riddles

    Notes on Cebuano Syntax

    Binokid Phonemes

    Some Sound Correspondences in Six Philippine Languages

    The Phonemes of Southern Bukidnon Manobo

    Mat Industry in Apalit, Province of Pampanga,Luzon

    Mat Weaving in Apalit and Vicinity, Province of Pamganga, Luzon

    The Sabutan Mat Industry of Tanay, Province of Rizal

    The Mat Industry of Basey, Samar (Philippines)

    Arts and Crafts in Siam

    Review of: Paul Schebesta, Die Negrito Asiens; Morice Vanoverbergh, Songs in Lepanto-Igorot as it is Spoken at Bauko

  • Folklore Studies 11 (2)   +

    The Hagiography of the Chinese God Chen-wu (The transmission of rural traditions in Chahar)

    Some Honorific Expressions in Wakayama Dialect

    Annual Customs and Religious Practices in Yoshio Village (Awa District, Chiba Prefecture)

    Review of: Etudes d’ethnographie japonaise, Le Conte du Coupeur de Bambous (traduction)

    Review of Nippon minzokugaku essays

  • Folklore Studies 11 (1)   +

    Japanese Folk Tales

    Review of Nippon minzokugaku essays

  • Folklore Studies 10 (2)   +

    Figürliche Darstellungen in der japanischen Volksreligion

    Review of Nippon minzokugaku essays

  • Folklore Studies 10 (1)   +

    Rural Temples Around Hsüan-Hua (South Chahar), Their Iconography and Their History

    Review of Nippon minzokugaku essays

    Review of: Yanagita Kunio 柳田國男, Kaison seikatsu no kenkyū 『海村生活の研究』; Heltmut Hoffmann, Quellen zur Geschichte der tibetischen Bon-Religion

  • Folklore Studies 9   +

    The Kappa Legend. A Comparative Ethological Study on the Japanese Water-Spirit Kappa and Its Habit of Trying to Lure Horses into the Water

    A Contribution to the Knowledge of East-mongolian Folkpoetry

    The Industrial and Commercial Guilds of Peking and Religion and Fellowcountrymanship as Elements of their Coherence

    Gedanken zur Methode der chinesischen Volkskundeforschung

  • Folklore Studies 8   +

    Jahresbrauchtum im japanischen Dorf

    Die Tempelanlagen am Südabhang des Richthofengebirges, erläutert am Beispiel von Yen-hu-chai-tzu

    Post-war Folklore Research Work in Japan

  • Folklore Studies 7   +

    On the Cult of the Four Sacred Animals Szu Ta Men (四大門) in the Neighbourhood of Peking

    Secret Religious Societies in North China in the MingDynasty.

    Die wirtschaftliche Ausnutzung des Nan-Yang Sees (南陽湖) in Süd-Shantung.

    Eine Ausstellung des alten Kunsthandwerkes in Peking.

    Catholic University Expedition to Hsüanhua (South Chahar), Preliminary Report

  • Folklore Studies 6 (2)   +

    Folklore contributions in Sino-Mongolica: Notes on customs legends, proverbs and riddles of the province of Jehol

  • Folklore Studies 6 (1)   +

    Spielgeräte und spiele im Chinesischen Neujahrsbrauchtum

  • Folklore Studies 5   +

    Die Fandse. Ein Beitrag zur Volkskunde von Kham. Übersetzt von Dominikus Schröder

    Fifteen Popular Tales from the South of Tatung (Shansi)

    The Chinese Science of Fate-Calculation

    Une Société Secréte Moderne 一貫道 I-Koan-Tao. Bibliographie annotée

    The Early Jews in China: A Supplementary Bibliography

  • Folklore Studies 4   +

    Das Jahr im chinesischen Volkslied

    Les temples villageois de la région au Sud de Tat'ong (Chansi Nord), leurs inscriptions et leur histoire

    Children's Riddles and Ditties from the South of Tatung

    Über die Ho-pao 荷包 und ihre Technik. Mit Beschreibung von 25 Exemplaren aus der Sammlung Hammer

    A Chinese-Hebrew Manuscript, a new Source for the History of the Chinese Jews

    An Early Chinese Source on the Kaifeng Jewish Community

    Seven East Mongolian Nursery Rhymes

    Review of: Shibuzawa Keizō 澁澤敬三, Nihongyomei syūkan 『日本魚名集覽』; Takeda Chuichirō 武田忠一郎, Tōhoku no minyō 『東北の民謡』

  • Folklore Studies 3 (2)   +

    Die japanische Volkskunde. Ihre Vorgeschichte, Entwicklung und gegenwärtige Lage. Deutsche Übertragung von Matthias Eder

    Les Cérémonies du Mariage. Usages populaires et textes dialectaux du Sud de la préfecture de Ta-t'oung (Chansi) (suite)

    Die Opfergaben zum Hanashizume Matsuri ("Blumenberuhigungsfest") nach dem Engishiki

    Bibliographical Reports

  • Folklore Studies 3 (1)   +

    Games at the Mid-Autumn Festival in Kusngtung

    Yang-Ko (秧 歌). The Rural Theatre in Ting-hsien, Hopei

    Schamanen und Geisterbeschwörer im Küriye-Banner

    Les Cérémonies du Mariage.Usages populaires et textes dialectaux du Sud de la prefecture de Ta-t'oung (Chansi)

    Bibliographical Reports

  • Folklore Studies 2   +

    The Dragon Boat Race in Wu-ling, Hunan

    Der Ritus des Shinto-Gottesdienstes

    K’i yu

    Hausfrontdekorationen in Peking. Mit Paral-lelen aus Shantung und Nord-Honan

    Modern Chinese Folklore Investigation (Part 2)

    Frühlingsdoppelsprüche (春聯 ) von 1942 an Pekinger Haustüren

    Beobachtungen über Sesshaftigkeit und Kulturwandel bei den Mongolen des Jouda Ciyulyan

    Typology and Factor Analysis

    A Clay Coffin of the T'ang Dynasty

    Bibliographical Reports

  • Folklore Studies 1   +


    Eine Kölner Dissertation über Japanische und Deutsche Tiermärchen

    Ethnographic Investigation of China

    The Origin and Growth of the Fu Chi

    Stellvertretende Gelübdeerfullung

    Examples of Charm against Epidemics with Short Explanations

    Modern Chinese Folklore Investigation (Part 1)


    Heihaku, Mitegura, Gohei

    Buddhistische Legenden aus Yünnan and Kueichou